How To Guides

  • A Guide to Pure Resonance Audio Commercial Sound Masking Systems

    Sound masking promotes speech privacy, cuts down on noise distractions, and increases focus and productivity. Our sound masking systems feature the Pure Resonance Audio PrivacyCard™ and ComfortCard™ USB sound masking noise generators designed to create the perfect atmosphere for your commercial space.We're going to go into detail about sound masking, why it’s useful, how it works and how to set up your Pure Resonance Audio sound masking speaker system. While sound masking itself may seem like a bit of a mystery, our unique sound masking technology pairs ambient noise with the all-so-familiar USB drive for a simple plug-n-play solution.
  • Pure Resonance Audio C3 3" 70 Volt Commercial Ceiling Speaker Installation In A Drop Ceiling Tile, Mounted To Drywall, and Pendant Mounted Kit

    The Pure Resonance Audio C3 3" micro ceiling mount speaker is our most versatile speaker yet. The C3 comes standard with a screw-on Easy-Mounting threaded mounting ring that’s engineered for mounting on ceiling tiles. Also available is a Drywall Mounting Ring for installing the C3 in conventional drywall ceilings with no above ceiling access. You can also use the Pendant Speaker Cover Kit with speaker wire and integrated safety cable that is designed for hanging the C3 in exposed open plenum ceilings, raked ceilings, and other contemporary open architectures. We’ve built an installation guide for the C3 70-volt commercial ceiling mount speaker using each of the 3 different mounting options - ceiling tile, drywall, and pendant mount.