70-Volt Outdoor Speaker Systems

Complete Audio Solutions for High-End Audio Performance in Demanding Outdoor Commercial Environments Year-Round


Wirelessly stream audio in your space from any device from any Bluetooth-enabled device



Durable weather-resistant commercial loudspeakers, built to withstand outdoor conditions


Quick and easy indoor or outdoor installation and setup with simple mounting options



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70-Volt All-Weather Outdoor Commercial Speaker Systems

Pure Resonance Audio 70-volt outdoor sound systems are designed with weather-resistant loudspeakers to withstand the environmental demands of outdoor commercial installations year-round. Our all-weather speaker systems with durable housing, water-resistant IP ratings, mesh metal grilles, and UV protection, provide high-quality audio performance in restaurants, bars, cafes, hotels, boutiques, shops, retail stores, fitness gyms, schools, stadiums, theme parks, and warehouses. These commercial sound systems are ideal for foreground and background music, public address, and paging for outdoor as well as challenging indoor applications with moisture or splashing water.