A New 70-Volt Outdoor All-Weather Speaker: The Pure Resonance Audio S10 10" Compact Stadium Loudspeaker

S10 70 volt all-weather outdoor speaker

Pure Resonance Audio introduces the S10, a 10" compact all-weather speaker. The two-way 70-volt outdoor speaker is designed to produce full-range audio while enduring harsh environments. The S10 claims to deliver quality sound with clear vocals, excellent music reproduction, and low distortion.

An IP66 rating means the S10 is fully protected against dust or dirt particles and direct high-pressure water. Its fiber-reinforced plastic and metal enclosure with a metal grill guarantee solid durability. This commercial outdoor speaker is highly weather-resistant, featuring a recessed barrier strip terminal block and transformer with a waterproof seal cover. Included with the S10 is a heavy-duty wall mounting bracket for a quick, safe, and secure installation.

The S10's 70V/100V multi-tap transformer with an 8-ohm bypass allows up to 200 watts of power. The Pure Resonance Audio outdoor weatherproof loudspeaker delivers a full-range frequency response of 70 - 18kHz and an average sensitivity of 103dB SPL. With a coverage angle of 90° x 90°, sound can reach more than 3000 square feet out and 650 feet for direct speech.

S10 compact stadium loudspeaker

The Pure Resonance Audio S10 employs powerful coaxial drivers that project sound from the same point source allowing for a wide listening field, smooth frequency response, improved clarity, and a bigger sound from a more compact stadium loudspeaker. The 10" low-frequency paper cone woofer and 3" voice coil were developed to offer organic sound with low distortion. The 1" high-frequency polyethylene naphthalate (PEN) thermoplastic tweeter consistently performs in severe environments.

Pure Resonance Audio recommends the S10 for stadiums, gymnasiums, ball fields, sports facilities, athletic centers, arenas, racetracks, fairgrounds, rodeos, skating rinks, theme parks, water parks, public swimming pools, warehouses, distribution centers, factories, manufacturing plants, airplane hangars, and a wide variety of other challenging commercial applications.