Pure Resonance Audio C3 Press Release: All-New Compact & Lightweight In-Ceiling Speaker

The All-new Pure Resonance Audio C3 Micro Ceiling Mount Speaker

Get ready for superior sound in a small, stylish package with the new Pure Resonance Audio C3 in-ceiling micro speaker. Because of its small size, the new C3 ceiling speaker is great for installations where a small format ceiling speaker is needed for architectural or aesthetic reasons. The C3 features an 8 Ohm and 70 Volt power tap transformer switch which allows for selectable inputs of 8 Ohm or 70V/100V applications.

  • Ideal for drop ceilings and engineered for ceiling tiles with Easy-Mounting threaded mounting rings
  • Provides the smallest possible footprint while maintaining quality sound
  • Perfect for background music in commercial environments with 70-volt and 8-ohm taps
  • An intelligent, stylish design that seamlessly blends into any ceiling design
  • Perfect for providing background music for offices, retail stores, coffee shops, restaurants, hotels, foyers, hallways, auxiliary spaces, and more

The Pure Resonance Audio C3 ceiling speaker is perfect for providing background music, paging and ambient sound masking for offices, retail stores, coffee shops, restaurants, hospitality venues, reception/waiting rooms, lounges, foyers, hallways, and auxiliary spaces.

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