Rack Mount Audio Mixers

Reliable Professional and Commercial Rack Mount Mixers
with Exceptional Performance and Flexibility


Compact rack mount designs featuring high-quality components with maximum flexibility


EQ, gain controls, peak indication, and a broad range of connections for true versatility


Easily stream any audio source from a Bluetooth-enabled device for effortless playback


  • Pure Resonance Audio MX9 9-Channel Rack Mount Mixer with Bluetooth and Effects

    - 9 Channels
    - Bluetooth, MP3, and USB
    - 24 DSP Effects

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  • Pure Resonance Audio MX84 4 Zone 8-Channel Rack Mount Mic/Line Mixer

    - 8 Channels
    - 4 Zone selectable inputs
    - Remote mic input (MX8-PM)
    - Remote input (MX8-WP)

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  • Pure Resonance Audio MX82 2 Zone 8-Channel Rack Mount Mic/Line Mixer

    - 8 Channels
    - 2 Zone selectable inputs
    - Remote mic input (MX8-PM)

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Professional and Commercial Rack Mount Audio Mixers

When it comes to optimizing audio systems for various applications, a reliable and versatile rack mount mixer with effects plays a crucial role. At Pure Resonance Audio, we understand the significance of this need, which is why we have developed professional and commercial audio mixers that excel in delivering exceptional performance and flexibility. Specifically designed to cater to the diverse requirements of audio distribution, including public address and paging, our rack mount audio mixers are the ideal solution.

Our rack-mounted mixers are a versatile solution for any setup, effortlessly handling a wide range of sound sources. Whether it's music playback, paging, announcements, recorded messages, or emergency communications, these rack mount mixers with EQ offer seamless integration and precise control. Advanced features such as talkover, multi-zone, and a wide range of input types empower you to easily manage and route audio, ensuring a smooth and dynamic audio experience. Flexibility is a key aspect of our rack mount analog mixers. Designed with adaptability in mind, they are ideally suited for music venues, bustling retail stores, vibrant gymnasiums, schools, auditoriums, fitness studios, and many other audio applications. We recognize that each setting has unique demands, and our rack mount sound mixers are equipped to meet those challenges head-on.

With their robust construction and cutting-edge features, Pure Resonance Audio mixers are built to withstand the demands of professional use, consistently delivering outstanding results. Investing in one of our rack-mounted audio mixers means investing in a reliable solution you can trust. Our warranty-backed products provide you with the confidence and peace of mind you deserve so you can rest assured that your investment is safeguarded.