Wall Plates

Sleek & Efficient Wall Control Panels
to Simplify Remote Audio Management


Effortlessly connect various audio sources via balanced and unbalanced inputs


Add convenient access and control to your audio management in remote locations


Compatible with standard electrical boxes and includes required mounting hardware


  • Pure Resonance Audio MX8-WP 2-Input Wall Plate with Volume Control for MX84 Zone Mixer

    - 2-Inputs with volume control
    - White Decora plate
    - Exclusively for MX84 mixer

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Simplify Remote Audio Input Management with our Wall Control Interfaces

Pure Resonance Audio's remote wall control panels are specially designed to integrate seamlessly with commercial audio systems. These panels offer a sleek and efficient solution for a user-friendly experience. The audio input wall plates provide local audio inputs with an easy-to-use front panel for effortless control, catering to diverse applications. With our time-saving wall control interfaces, you can effortlessly take command with both ease and sophistication.