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Fitness Sound System Featuring 6 Pendant Speakers, 2 Ceiling Speakers & Rack Mount Bluetooth Mixer Amplifier

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Humidity-Resistant Pendant Speakers and Compact Ceiling Speakers

This fitness gym sound system provides clear, intelligible audio for areas with open-architecture ceilings as well as auxiliary spaces like the front desk, hallway, locker rooms or office of your gym, fitness center, yoga studio, functional fitness gym, health club or other exercise gyms. The acoustically matched 6.5" pendant speakers and high-quality 3" micro ceiling speakers provide excellent dispersion of both music and vocals. The rackmount Bluetooth mixer amplifier not only allows you to wirelessly stream music with your Bluetooth-enabled device but also provides the choice to connect a microphone for paging and announcements.

Audio for Auxiliary Spaces

High-Quality Bluetooth Sound System to Cover Your Fitness Gym


The down-firing design of the weather resistant PD6 pendant mount speakers direct high fidelity sound for an evenly distributed 150° wide coverage pattern.


The C3 speakers provide the smallest possible footprint while maintaining high-quality sound.


Intelligent and stylish speaker designs that won’t distract from your ceiling designs.



The RMA240BT 5 channel, 4 Ohm/70 Volt Bluetooth commercial rack mount mixer amplifier provides 240 watts of high-performance Class H power.


The RMA240BT features a forced air-cooling fan, which helps accommodate the long working hours of your fitness center.


In the event of an emergency, you can quickly use the emergency input to stop all other audio transmissions. This input takes priority letting any integrated emergency voice alarm system be heard loud and clear.


This fitness gym sound system features six weather-resistant 6.5" pendant mount loudspeakers, two intelligently designed 3" ceiling speakers and a powerful 240W Bluetooth rack mount mixer amplifier. Great for open ceilings, the down-firing design of the PD6 pendant speakers direct crystal-clear high fidelity audio in an evenly-distributed 150° wide coverage pattern, ensuring your entire space is encompassed in sound. The small-but-mighty C3 3" ceiling speakers with quick and Easy-Mounting threaded rings provide secure and clean installation into ceiling tiles and other ceiling types, perfect for auxiliary spaces like front desks, hallways, locker rooms or the office of your gym, fitness center, yoga studio, functional fitness gym, health club or other exercise gyms.

The RMA240BT 5-channel Bluetooth commercial rack mount mixer amplifier provides 240 watts of high-performance Class H power. You can connect your Bluetooth-enabled device to the RMA240BT’s media player or use an SD card, USB thumb drive, or the built-in FM tuner. The overload level light indicators on the front of the unit provide valuable short circuit, overload, and overheating protection by alerting you to potential issues. The forced air-cooling fan helps accommodate the long working hours of medical offices, making this compact and affordable mixer amplifier perfect for your medical office, infirmary, veterinary office, urgent care center, or anywhere a background music, paging and announcement system is needed.

If you’re concerned about safety, this is the system for you. In the case of an emergency, you won’t need to worry about turning off your audio or adjusting inputs or volume. The mixer amplifier includes an emergency input that will stop all other audio transmissions, allowing emergency voice alarm systems to be heard loud and clear throughout your gym so members and staff can respond to emergencies efficiently and safely.



Power Handling: 30 Watts RMS; 70 Watts Peak

Frequency Response (±3 dB): 95Hz - 20KHz

Frequency Response (±10 dB): 65 Hz – 20 kHz

Impedance: 8 Ohm

Peak Output:  103dB

Woofer: 6.5 inch Polypropylene

Tweeter: 1 inch Black silk

Transformer: 70.7V: 4W / 8W / 16W / 32W / 8 ohm
                       100V: 8W / 16W / 32W / 8 ohm

Certifications: REACH, RoHS

Dimensions (H x Dia): 10.3" (285 mm) x 8.1" (207 mm)

Weight: 6.35 lbs (2.88 kg)

Shipping Weight: 9 lbs (4.08 kg)



Frequency Response: 120Hz - 20kHz

Low Frequency (-10 dB): 180 Hz - 20 kHz

Impedance: 8 Ohms with 70V transformer (built-in)

Maximum Input Voltage: 17 dBV (7.1V, 6W into 8Ω)

Power Taps @ 70V: 1.5W/3W/5W

Power Taps @ 100V: 3W/6W/10W

Transducer: Full-range 3" driver

Nominal Coverage Angle: 130° Conical Coverage

Cutout Size: 4.25" (107.95 mm)

Overall Dimensions (Dia x D):
4.125" (104.78 mm) x 4" (101.6 mm) without connector
4.125" (104.78 mm) x 4.69" (119.08 mm) with connector

Weight: 1.6 lbs (0.73 kg)



Rated Power Output: 240W

Speaker Outputs: 4-16Ω/70V

Frequency Response: 80Hz~16KHz +/- 3db

Protection: Overheat/Short-circuit

Dimensions: 1.73" (44 mm) x 19.05" (484 mm) x 11.61" (295 mm)

Weight: 9.92 lbs (4.5 kg)


(6) Pure Resonance Audio PD6 6.5" Weather-Resistant Open-Ceiling Pendant Mount Loudspeakers
     (6) Rear Covers (with Hole for Eyebolt)
     (6) Eyebolt and Nuts
     (6) Mounting Kits
          (12) Steel Cables
          (12) Carabiners
          (12) Fastlinks
          (6) Wire Retention Plates
(2) Pure Resonance Audio C3 3" Micro Ceiling Speakers with Easy-Mounting Rings             
(1) Pure Resonance Audio RMA240BT 240W Commercial Bluetooth Mixer Amplifier
    (1) IR Remote Control
    (1) Power Cord
(500') Free 18/2 Gauge Speaker Wire


PD6 Pendant Speaker:


Cut Sheet

C3 Ceiling Speakers:


Cut Sheet

RMA240BT Mixer Amplifier:


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