Gymnasium Audio System Featuring 2 P110 10" PA Speakers, 4 C6 6.5" 70 Volt Ceiling Speakers, MX9 Mixer, & DA2500 Dual-Impedance Power Amplifier


Gymnasium Audio System

Quality Speaker System
for Gymnasium Applications

Upgrade your gymnasium audio system with 2 10" 300W passive PA speakers, and 4 6.5" ceiling speakers for full gym coverage including the lobby. Driving the audio is our advanced 9-channel rack mount mixer. This mixer not only offers seamless control over various audio sources but also features convenient Bluetooth connectivity, allowing you to effortlessly stream music wirelessly from your devices. To deliver robust and consistent power to your system, we've included a dual-impedance 500W rack mount power amplifier. Its reliable performance ensures that your speakers receive optimal power.

Create Clear Outstanding Audio for Sporting Events

A Reliable Music Speaker System


Powerful 300-watt output at 8 ohms provides a 100° x 70° audio coverage with 96 dB sensitivity and a full-range frequency response of 60Hz - 20kHz.


Intelligent and compact flush-mounted design with a bezel-less grill that seamlessly blends into the ceiling and provides high-quality background music.


Professional quality mixer features Bluetooth audio streaming, MP3, USB with sound card function, and recording. Built-in 24-bit DSP effects processor allows users to quickly and easily add a range of effects.


The 9-channel mixer consists of 7 balanced input interfaces with 48V phantom power and 2 unbalanced mono and stereo inputs, as well as Tape In and recording inputs and outputs.


Two 500-watt channels (at 70V and 4Ω) with 70-volt and 4, 8, or 16-ohm output switches.



Unique dual-impedance operation with independent 4-16Ω and 70V output terminal switches enables each channel to use a different impedance simultaneously. The balanced inputs and outputs feature detachable Euroblock terminals.

Gymnasium Audio Speaker System

Elevate your gymnasium audio system to new heights with a pair of P110 10" 300W passive PA speakers and four C6 6.5" ceiling speakers to achieve complete gym coverage, extending even to the lobby or other surrounding areas. Our state-of-the-art MX9 9-channel rack mount mixer enhances your experience. Seamlessly control multiple sources and enjoy Bluetooth connectivity, effortlessly streaming music wirelessly from any compatible device. The dual-impedance DA2500 500W rack mount power amplifier ensures consistent, powerful performance. Upgrade your gymnasium speaker system with these cutting-edge components and witness the transformative impact they have on your sound experience.

Cover all your areas

The P110 PA speaker and C6 in-ceiling speakers offer great coverage for multiple areas. The P110 is ideal for the gymnasium, providing powerful audio that fills the space with clear sound. Meanwhile, the C6 in-ceiling speakers are perfect for the coaches office, locker rooms, lobby, or hallways, seamlessly blending into the surroundings while delivering high-quality sound for background music or announcements. Together, these speakers ensure comprehensive coverage throughout different areas, enhancing the audio experience in your facility.

P110 10" 300W 2-Way Passive Loudspeakers

The Pure Resonance Audio P110 is a compact 10" 300-watt 2-way passive loudspeaker with 100° x 70° coverage. The lightweight and low-profile PA speaker contains a robust 10" woofer for a full low frequency and 1.4" high-frequency compression driver housed in a tough multi-purpose enclosure. The high-grade fiberboard is treated for wear-resistant protection, and the metal grill is treated with an anti-fading treatment, ensuring long-term durability. The P110 produces full-range professional high-output audio and excellent vocal intelligibility, perfect for gymnasiums, churches, auditoriums, and other applications.



The Pure Resonance Audio C6 is a high-performance commercial ceiling speaker with a compact flush-mount design. It blends seamlessly into any space and provides full-range, high-quality sound for background music, sound masking, paging, or announcements. With a wide frequency range of 130Hz - 17kHz, this 70V speaker delivers impressive lows and clear highs, ensuring excellent vocal intelligibility and uncolored music reproduction. It features high-quality materials, including an ABS enclosure, iron back barrel, and power-coated iron mesh grill. The C6 comes with a front-accessible built-in 70V transformer and an 8-ohm bypass, making it perfect for commercial applications. The included C6-TB tile bridge allows secure installation in new or existing construction.

MX9 9-CHANNEL MIXER with Bluetooth & Effects

The Pure Resonance Audio MX9 redefines the rack mount audio mixer, offering versatile mixing, effects, and control of 9 mixing channels, all conveniently packaged in a space-saving 3U chassis. This rack-mounted mixer provides a wide range of inputs with the ability to adapt to virtually any audio source. The MX9 features an onboard 24-bit DSP effects processor, allowing users to quickly and easily add a range of effects to their mixes with simple channel operation. In addition, the generously equipped 9-channel rack mount mixer includes a media player with a display screen that supports Bluetooth audio streaming, MP3, and USB. Featuring an extensive connectivity range for true versatility and professional sound quality, the MX9 is perfect for both fixed installations and mobile rigs.


The Pure Resonance Audio DA2500 is a dual-impedance 2-channel Class-D power amplifier with a built-in high-efficiency selectable impedance power supply. Each powerful 500-watt channel has an independent 70V/4-16Ω switch allowing them to simultaneously use a different impedance, delivering more flexibility in various commercial applications. This high-performance rack mount audio amplifier is a cost-effective solution housed in a standard 1U 19" lightweight chassis. The DA2500 features short-circuit, overload, and overheating protection with cooling fans to provide heat dissipation, maintaining safe operation in environments with long working hours.



Rated Power: 300 Watts

Peak Power: 1200 Watts

Impedance: 8 Ohms

Frequency Response: 60Hz - 20kHz

Sensitivity (@ 1W/1M): 96 dB

Max SPL: 124 dB

Coverage Angle (-6 dB): 100° x 70°

Woofer Size: 10"

Tweeter Size: 1.4"

Input Connections: SpeakON NL4 x 2

Dimensions (H x W x D):
20.99" (533 mm) x 11.81" (300 mm) x 13.39" (340 mm)

Weight: 33.07 lbs (15 kg)                                                                                                                                                               


RMS Power Rating: 30 Watt

Frequency Response: 90Hz - 17kHz

Impedance: 8 Ohms

Transformer Taps: 1.8W, 3.75W, 7.5W, 15W, 30W @ 70V
                                3.75W, 7.5W, 15W, 30W @ 100V
                                8 Ohm Bypass

Low-Frequency Driver: 6.5" Woofer

High-Frequency Driver: 1" Adjustable Silk driver

Speaker Cone Material: Polypropylene (PP)

Sensitivity SPL: 88±3dB @ 1W/1 m

Material: ABS enclosure with iron back barrel and power-coated iron mesh magnetic grill

Cutout Size: 9.45" (240 mm)

Dimensions (Dia x D): 10.51" (267 mm) x 6.38" (162 mm)

Weight: 7.28 lbs (3.3 kg)



Mic (XLR) Inputs: (7) XLR jacks

Line Level Inputs: (7) ¼" TRS jacks

Inserts: (7) ¼" TRS jacks

Pre-Fader Listen: Each channel has its own individual PFL switch

Outputs: (1) Set of XLR (L & R), (1) Set of ¼" TRS (L & R), (1) ¼" AUX Out, (1) ¼" FX Out, (1) ¼" Headphone monitor output

Effects: 24-bit DSP Effects Processor

Phantom Power Supply: +48V option (Ch 1-7)

Frequency Response: 20Hz - 20kHz, ± 3 dB

Distortion: <0.003% (A-weighted)

Microphone Balance Input Noise: -119 dB (A-weighted)

Signal-to-Noise Ratio: 60 dB

Single Channel Input Gain: MIC: 0 to 48 dB, LINE: -33 to +15 dB

Maximum Output Level: +20 dBu

Mic Input High Pass Filter: 75Hz, 18dB/OCT

Single-Channel Equalization: High-frequency: ± 15 dB @ 12kHz; mid-frequency: ±12 dB @ 2.5kHz; Low-frequency: ±15 dB @ 80Hz

Power: Built-in switching power adapter 110-220V, 30W

Power Consumption: ≤23W

Dimensions (H x W x D): 5.51" (140 mm) x 19" (483 mm) x 9.45" (240 mm)

Weight: 8.82 lbs (4 kg)


Rated Power Output: 2 x 500W at 70V, 500W at 4 Ohm, 250W at 8 Ohm

Speaker Outputs: 70V / 4~16Ω

Input Sensitivity: ±385mV/20kΩ, balanced input

Frequency Response: 80Hz~16kHz (+1 dB,-3 dB)

S/N Ratio: ≥95 dB

THD: ≤0.1% (at 1kHz, 1/3 rated power)

Control: Power control and fault indication remote monitoring via Euroblock connection

Indicator Light: Signal, peak clipping, protection, and power supply

Protection: High temperature, overload, short-circuit

Cooling: Fan-forced cooling

Power Consumption: 1200W

Power Supply: ~110-120V 60Hz

Dimensions (H x W x D): 1.73" (44 mm) x 19.05" (484 mm) x 12.4" (315 mm)

Weight: 10.8 lbs (4.9 kg)


(2) P110 10" Passive Speakers
      (2) NL4FX 4 Pole SpeakON Cable Connectors
(4) C6 6.5" 30W 2-Way In-Ceiling Loudspeakers
       (4) C6-TB Tile Bridges
(1) MX9 9-Channel Rack Mount Mixer with Bluetooth and Effects
      (1) Power Cord
(1) DA2500 Dual-Impedance 500W Rack Mount Power Amplifier
      (1) Power Cord
(2) Patch Cables - 3ft
(500') 12/2 Gauge Speaker Wire


P110 Loudspeakers:


C6 Ceiling Mount Speakers:


Cut Sheet

MX9 Mixer:


DA2500 Power Amplifier: