Stadium Sound System Featuring 4 Outdoor Stadium Speakers, Multi Zone Bluetooth Mixer Amplifier & Push-to-Talk Paging Microphone

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Stadium Sound System

10" All-Weather Outdoor Stadium Loudspeakers, Multi Zone Bluetooth
Mixer Amplifier & Paging Mic

This Pure Resonance Audio outdoor sound system is perfect as a high school football stadium sound system providing high-quality audio for clear music and paging with four stadium speakers and offers up to 4 zones with the multizone Bluetooth mixer amplifier. Also includes a paging microphone for announcements.

Cover Multiple Areas
of Your Stadium

Powerful and High-Quality Music and Speech

Weatherproof Speakers

Highly weatherproof IP66 rated construction with fiber-reinforced plastic and metal enclosure with a metal grill ensures solid durability and full protection against dust and other particles as well as direct high-pressure water jets for long-term reliability in severe outdoor environments.


Up to 200-watts of continuous power handling and a 90° x 90° dispersion pattern produce an ideal coverage of more than 3000 sq. ft. and up to 650ft for direct speech.


A heavy-duty wall mounting bracket is included for a quick, safe, and secure installation in indoor and outdoor stadiums and a wide variety of other commercial applications.


The easy-to-operate RZMA240BT is equipped with built-in Bluetooth, MP3, FM tuner, and recording capabilities. The zone-selectable inputs allow you to assign audio to any output.



The RZMA240BT is equipped with 4 ohms, 70 Volt and 100 Volt terminals and has 4 separate channels at 240W each.


The PTT1 push-to-talk tabletop microphone is ideal for paging, announcements, and general public address applications.

Outdoor Stadium Sound System

This powerful and high-quality outdoor sound system for high school football stadiums provides incredible sound reproduction that's perfect for play-by-plays and high-level music to get the crowd amped up. The Pure Resonance Audio S10 IP66 rated weatherproof stadium loudspeakers provide wide 90° x 90° audio coverage. The RZMA240BT Bluetooth mixer amplifier provides audio for up to 4-zones to cover multiple areas and a PTT1 paging microphone for announcements.

S10 10" All-Weather Stadium Loudspeaker

The Pure Resonance Audio S10 10" outdoor weatherproof stadium loudspeaker is built to withstand exposure to the harshest environmental conditions of outdoor installations while delivering high-quality audio performance. A tough fiber-reinforced plastic and metal housing with a metal grill maintains solid durability and long service life. IP66 rated, this highly weather-resistant speaker is fully protected against dust or dirt particles and direct high-pressure water. The S10 is an ideal solution for background and foreground music, paging, and public address in stadiums, ball fields, sports facilities, athletic centers, arenas, and a wide variety of other challenging indoor and outdoor commercial applications.


Powerful and feature-packed, the Pure Resonance Audio RZMA240BT is a 4 zone commercial mixer amplifier equipped with built-in MP3, FM tuner, Bluetooth and recording capabilities. The advanced multi-input audio mixer amplifier features matrix technology, letting you route up to 5 separate inputs to 4 distinct zones. Ideal for multi-zone paging, music distribution, and room-combining applications, each input is also supplied with separate bass, treble and volume control for precise sound in each individual zone. It is also equipped with zone-selectable inputs, meaning that an input can be assigned to any output. You simply push a button to route your inputs to the appropriate outputs, no programming or tuning required.


The Pure Resonance Audio PTT1 desktop push-to-talk microphone provides excellent performance and reliability, ideal for paging and announcements in your football stadium. The PTT1 features a uni-directional dynamic gooseneck microphone, table-stand, dual momentary locking switch, 5-foot cable, and three-pin male XLR connector. The durable gooseneck and metal table-stand ensure the PTT1 push-to-talk paging microphone can withstand even the toughest daily use in tough environments.

S10 Stadium Speaker Specifications:

Rated Power Output: 200 Watts

MAX Power: 300 Watts

Frequency Response: 70Hz - 18kHz

Coverage Pattern: 90° x 90°

SPL (@ 1W/1M): 103±3dB

Impedance: 8 Ohms

Transformer Taps: 12.5W, 25W, 50W, 100W, 200W @ 70V
                                25W, 50W, 100W, 200W @ 100V
                                8 Ohm Bypass

Low-Frequency Driver: 10" driver with 3" voice coil

High-Frequency Driver: 1" driver

Protection: Weatherproof IP66

Material: Fiber-reinforced plastic and metal enclosure with metal grill

Mount: Wall mounting bracket supplied

Dimensions (H x W x D): 13.7" (348 mm) x 13.98" (355 mm) x 15.16" (385 mm)

Weight: 31.45 lbs (14.27 kg)

Shipping Dimensions: 15.16" (385 mm) x 17.72" (450 mm) x 17.32" (440 mm)

Shipping Weight: 35 lbs (15.88 kg)


Rated Power Output: 4 Zone channels x 240W (960W total)

Speaker Outputs: 4Ω, 70V/100V

Monitor Output: 1W/8 Ω

Input Sensitivity and Impedance:
CH1, CH2, CH3: MIC: ± 2.5mV/600 Ω
PHANTOM: ± 2.5mV
LINE: ~175mV/10K Ω balance input
CH5~6: 350mV/10K Ω balance input
TEL: 350mV/10K Ω
REMOTE MIC: ± 387mV/10K Ω

Bass: ±10dB at 100Hz
Treble: ±10dB at 100Hz

S/N Ratio: >65dB

LINE 1-4 Output Level: 1V/600 Ω (balance output)

Frequency: 80 - 16kHz

MP3: Support MP3 format, max capacity of 32GB

TF File System: Only FAT16, FAT32, the biggest one partition, does not support folder to store

Harmonic Distortion: <1%

Power Consumption: 1500W

Supply Voltage: ~120V 60Hz

Relative Humidity: <95% (No condensation)

Remote Control: IR remote control with (replaceable) CR2025 3V lithium battery

Rack Spaces: 3U

Dimensions (H x W x D): 5.20" (132 mm) x 19" (483 mm) x 17.32" (440 mm)

Weight: 41.2 lbs (18.69 kg)

Shipping Weight: 64 lbs (29.03 kg)


(4) Pure Resonance Audio S10 10" 70V Compact 2-Way Full-Range 90° x 90° All-Weather Stadium Loudspeakers
(1) Pure Resonance Audio RZMA240BT 4 Zone 240W Rack Mount Mixer Amplifier with Bluetooth
(1) Pure Resonance Audio PTT1 Desktop Push-to-Talk Gooseneck Microphone
(500') 16/2 Gauge Speaker Wire


S10 Stadium Speakers:


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RZMA240BT Mixer Amplifier:


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PTT1 Paging Microphone: