A Customer Story: Revival Eastside Eatery Upgrades Its Restaurant Sound System

Next time you’re in Waco, TX, you must check out Revival Eastside Eatery. Serving food that is Texas-sourced and housemade, Revival is a local, casual restaurant serving salads, sandwiches, burgers, beer, and wine. They strive to use excellent ingredients and products from around Texas and prepare as much as possible in their own kitchen. 

 Revival Eastside Eatery

Danielle Young opened Revival Eastside Eatery with her husband in the summer of 2019. They were inspired to open their restaurant after tiring of eating at restaurants that use iceberg lettuce with fake highlighter orange cheese. They wanted a place to eat with beautiful salads, a killer burger, and food that makes you feel good. Thus, Revival was born. 


They decided to renovate a 1930’s building in East Waco to become the home of Revival. Armed with a vision to create a simple yet welcoming place, along with the help of contractor Tom Lupfer and architect Jane Kittner, they created a beautiful space that invites you to relax and enjoy a delicious meal. They could keep many of the original features of the building, such as the tin ceiling tiles, wooden beams, concrete floors, and brick. 

A pivotal piece to renovating the building was finding and installing a sound system to create the perfect atmosphere for customers. Danielle was connected to Pure Resonance Audio through a friend she had met a few years before. She worked with one of Pure Resonance Audio’s sales engineers, who helped determine how many speakers were needed and where the speakers should be placed. He custom-designed a system just for them that includes multiple Pure Resonance Audio PD6 pendant speakers and a Pure Resonance Audio MA120BT commercial mixer-amplifier. 


Because they could keep the original 1930s wooden beams, they needed speakers that would blend seamlessly with the aesthetic. The Pure Resonance Audio PD6 speakers are designed specifically for open-ceiling architectural designs, making them the perfect choice for Revival. They choose the Pure Resonance Audio MA120BT commercial mixer amplifier because of its power, multiple inputs, and Bluetooth capability. In Danielle’s words, “Pure Resonance Audio really individualized everything for us, which was great!”


She says that Pure Resonance Audio was easy to connect with and was able to answer all of their questions. She has no reservations about the products and loves that the system is “super simple to use, which is nice for folks like me who are not great with technology.” Giving the Pure Resonance Audio sound system a 10/10, Revival has benefited from its affordability, sleek design, and great sound.


We are big fans of Revival Eastside Eatery, and we are proud to have provided them with a sound system that meets all their audio needs.