PA Loudspeakers

Professional Quality PA Speakers with Optimized Performance
& Wear-Resistant Durability


Durable cabinet speakers are treated for resistance against the wear and tear of demanding conditions


Powerful output provides comprehensive audio coverage and full-range frequency response


Sit our PA speakers on a flat surface, mount them on a speaker stand, or fly them from the ceiling


  • Pure Resonance Audio P110 10" 300W 2-Way Passive Loudspeaker

    - 10" Powerful woofer
    - 300W, 8Ω Only
    - Durable construction

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Versatile and Durable Professional PA Loudspeakers

Pure Resonance Audio professional PA speakers deliver professional-grade audio with powerful and efficient performance. Featuring robust multi-purpose enclosures constructed with durable materials, these speakers are designed to deliver high-quality large-output audio. Our cabinet speakers provide exceptional vocal intelligibility, wide audio coverage, high-output sound, and full-range frequency response. Perfect for fitness centers, gymnasiums, medium auditoriums, small churches, fine arts classrooms, and other professional sound reinforcement applications, they are fully equipped to deliver clear and powerful full-range sound in any setting.

Pure Resonance Audio's durable PA loudspeakers are treated for wear-resistant protection to withstand heavy use in demanding conditions, ensuring long-term durability. Available in various sizes and configurations, our compact loudspeakers can be used as a freestanding option or fixed installations. Their lightweight and low-profile cabinets make them easy to transport, mount or fly. An excellent choice for those seeking high-quality audio in professional settings.