A Customer Story: Enhancing Dental Office Ambiance With A Music System and Sound Masking

Denta Care Office

Imagine stepping into a dental office where the atmosphere is not only clinically clean but also filled with soothing and inviting melodies. This was precisely the goal for Anmar Zaki, a computer engineer working on setting up Denta Care's new office in Pearland, Texas. In this case study, we'll explore how Anmar collaborated with Pure Resonance Audio to achieve the perfect audio ambiance for their dental office.



Anmar Zaki, a computer engineer with a keen eye for quality and efficiency, embarked on the task of outfitting Denta Care with a new dental office sound system. His aim was to create a modern and welcoming environment for patients and staff alike, going beyond the traditional clinical setting.

The Decision to Work with Pure Resonance Audio

Anmar's journey began with extensive online research to find the right audio solution. After evaluating various options, Pure Resonance Audio stood out for its reputation for high-quality products and innovative solutions.

Product Selection

Anmar chose a custom dental office music system featuring eight Pure Resonance Audio C3 3" 70V ceiling speakers, an RMA120BT 120W rackmount Bluetooth mixer amplifier, and a PrivacyCard™ USB white noise sound masking generator. These choices were based on their ability to deliver top-notch sound quality while being energy-efficient and aesthetically pleasing.

Collaboration with Pure Resonance Audio

Anmar's experience with Pure Resonance Audio was marked by the excellent support provided by sales engineer Andrew McPherson and their customer service team. Their guidance and assistance ensured a smooth and seamless process from product selection to installation.

Benefits and Impact

This Pure Resonance Audio music system for dental offices with added white noise not only met, but exceeded Anmar's expectations. The sound quality was exceptional, contributing to a calming ambiance in the dental office. Additionally, the low electrical consumption of the equipment was a welcome efficiency bonus.

Anmar rates the equipment as the best, citing its quality, modern design, and ease of installation. Yet, he does bring attention to areas for enhancement, particularly in streamlining shipping and lead times. Additionally, he faced a temporary challenge with the initial volume control option he selected, which was backordered, though it was efficiently replaced with an alternative option during the process.


In conclusion, Pure Resonance Audio played a pivotal role in transforming Denta Care's new office into a space that combines clinical excellence with a welcoming ambiance. Anmar's experience underscores the importance of reliable audio solutions, such as a custom dental office speaker system or a white noise system for offices needing to ensure patient privacy and comfort to enhance professional environments.

With feedback like Anmar's, Pure Resonance Audio has the opportunity to further improve its services and continue to lead the market in providing high-quality music and sound masking systems for offices.