All-New S6 6.5” Commercial 70 Volt Outdoor Surface Mount Speaker from Pure Resonance Audio

S6 6.5-inch 70 Volt Outdoor Surface Mount Speaker

Pure Resonance Audio is pleased to introduce the newest product in our 70-volt outdoor surface mount speaker lineup, the S6. A big brother to the smaller S5, this 6.5” all-weather commercial speaker offers a perfect solution for creating foreground and background music, paging, and general-purpose audio in any indoor or outdoor business setting.

Carefully engineered to meet the demands of outdoor conditions, the water-resistant IP65 rating on the S6 ensures protection against direct contact with water and dust. A matching 180-degree mounting bracket allows for quick and easy installation on the wall, under awnings, and overhangs, all while providing perfect levels of background and foreground level music, paging, and general-purpose audio. Our S6 low-frequency driver is 2 inches larger than the S5, making this 70V outdoor speaker an ideal solution for creating a more robust sound atmosphere all year round, both indoors and out.

Long-Lasting Quality Performance

The S6 70-volt outdoor speaker provides superior sound while offering an exceptionally durable, functional design. With 60 watts of continuous performance, the S6 produces a full-range frequency response of 80 - 16kHz and an average sensitivity of 92 dB SPL.

Back of the S6 6.5-inch 70 Volt Outdoor Surface Mount Speaker

All-Weather Durability

The all-weather speaker enclosure on the S6 includes a 1" high-frequency silk membrane driver for superb clarity and a 6.5" low-frequency driver for robust lows. The 6.5" polypropylene cone woofer provides low moisture absorption, decreased distortion, and UV resistance for stability and smooth, well-damped sound quality regardless of the conditions. The woofer also features a rubber surround, ensuring high performance, long-lasting durability, and reliability.

Convenient Installation

Quick and easy installation comes standard with the S6 commercial outdoor speaker thanks to the included 180-degree bracket, which works for surface mounting under awnings, overhangs, press boxes, and more. Ideal for restaurants, bars, cafes, hotels, hospitality venues, boutiques, shops, retail stores, fitness gyms, washrooms, shower rooms, cleanrooms, parks, schools, classrooms, training rooms, conference rooms, as well as corporate AV or any commercial environment in need of high-end sound.

If you’re interested in the S6 70-volt outdoor surface mount speaker, one of our talented audio engineers would love to speak with you. Contact us for more information at (866) 676-7804.