How to Install Pure Resonance Audio PD Series 70V Commercial Hanging Pendant Mount Speakers


PD6 hanging pendant mount speaker in white

Designed to meet the needs of indoor and outdoor open-ceiling commercial applications, the Pure Resonance Audio PD series full-range 70-volt pendant speakers are high-powered and easy to install. These commercial pendant ceiling speakers are perfect for installation in small restaurants, retail stores, offices, warehouses, or any other open-architecture high ceiling environment where paging, announcements, or foreground and background music is required. Our PD series comes in 4” and 6.5” models in both black and white to work in almost any venue size and aesthetic.

It is best to have more speakers playing at a lower volume, rather than a few speakers playing at a high volume. You also want to place them as close to the primary listening area as possible. So keep these things in mind when choosing where to hang your pendant speakers or how many you need.


Marking hanging distance of pendant speaker with tape on Fastlink

Our Pure Resonance Audio PD4 4” and PD6 6.5” hanging pendant speakers come with a rear cover, eyebolt, nuts, and a mounting kit, providing everything you need for installation. The mounting kit includes two steel cables, two safety tables, two carabiners, two Fastlinks, and one wire retention plate. One steel cable is the primary safety cable, and the second is the backup if the first one happens to fail. Most other pendant mount speakers will come with similar hardware.

The first thing you need to do with your pendant speakers is to adjust the 70 volt tap settings. For more information on how to do that, check out our YouTube video here. Next, run the speaker wire through the oval-shaped hole in the top cover plate, connect the speaker wire, put the cover plate on, and screw in the eye bolt until fully tightened and the top cover plate is secure.

Then take precise measurements of the hanging length to determine how far to pull the Fastlink. For example, if you want to hang the pendant speakers six feet from your structure, measure that length from the eye hole end on your safety cable and mark the distance with tape.

Thread cable back through Fastlink

Thread the bare end of your cable through the Fastlink in the direction of the indicator arrows. Using your tape as a guide, pull the Fastlink to the end of the tape. Please pay close attention because the tension cannot be loosened once the cable is pulled through the Fastlink.

After sending the cable over the structure you are hanging your pendant speakers from, insert the cable back down through the other side of the Fastlink. Make sure to pull on the short end of the cable until it is tight. Lastly, attach the carabiner through the eye on the cable and the bolt on the back of the speaker. Your pendant mount speaker should now be hanging securely. Perform this action twice, once with your primary safety cable, and again with the backup cable.

The same Fastlink is also provided with our SD4 and SD5 drop ceiling tile speakers installation kit. You can use this same process when installing them.


Before beginning installation, be sure to take precise measurements. 

  1. Unpack the speaker unit and mounting hardware.
  2. Adjust the tap settings.
  3. Run the speaker wire through the hole in the cover plate.
  4. Connect the speaker wires.
  5. Put the rear cover on and screw it in with the eyebolt.
  6. Using the measurements you took, put tape on the cable to mark the distance that you will pull the Fastlink.
  7. Using the indicator arrows, thread the bare end of the cable through the Fastlink wire joiner
  8. Pull the Fastlink to the edge of the tape.
  9. Secure the cable to or around the structure the speaker will hang from.
  10. Insert the cable back down through the other side of the Fastlink and pull to tighten.
  11. Perform this action again with your backup cable.
  12. Finish installation according to the manual.

If you have any questions on commercial pendant mount speaker installations or are needing assistance in putting together your pendant speaker system, give us a call at (866) 676-7804 or email us at and we will be happy to assist you