Pendant Speakers – for an Elegant & Modern Sound System


Not all sound systems are created equal. Household sound systems are not suitable for use in indoor-outdoor public spaces. Environments such as restaurants, bars, or theaters need high-fidelity, high-intelligibility sound systems that provide high-quality background and foreground sound reinforcement. Apart from these characteristics, a system that is operational indoors and outdoors needs a much more robust construction that shields it from the elements of the weather. Pendant speakers provide high-quality sound output while maintaining a beautiful, elegant design profile. They blend in with the architecture and avoid becoming an eyesore. Pendant speakers are known for providing a wide field of high-quality sound output in challenging environments with high or open ceilings. These speakers can elevate any environment, provide better audio quality and add a touch of sophistication with a premium feel.

Where can you use pendant speakers?

You may be wondering if pendant speakers are the right choice for your sound system. Ceiling-mounted hanging pendant speakers are perfect for exposed structures, open plenum ceilings, and other contemporary open architectures. If the speakers are outdoor rated, they can be used for both indoor and outdoor environments. Pendant speakers create a wide field of surround sound in open areas, such as a large warehouse or hall, and work beautifully in smaller open and closed hybrid applications, such as garden cafes, restaurants, and clubs. If the venue has an open architecture, pendant speaker systems perfectly complement the aesthetics of the environment while not compromising on functionality. 

What to look for when buying a pendant speaker for your venue?

To ensure optimal performance and compatibility with your venue, it is essential to thoughtfully consider the specifications of the speakers you choose. High-ceiling buildings and open architecture setups are perfect application areas for pendant speakers, thanks to their high peak output. Due to these powerful speaker systems and compatibility with 70V and 100V inputs, they are the perfect choice for re-enforcing background and foreground music. You should always choose high-quality speakers as they will last longer and offer better post-sales service. When selecting a sound system for outdoor premises exposed to harsh weather, always look for an outdoor-rated, weather-resistant high-quality build that can endure the elements over the years. 


Frequently asked questions:

Where can I find stylish, high-quality pendant speakers in the U.S.?
Answer: The best commercial pendant speakers can be found online in the U.S. Always go for reputed, high-quality brands, as they will have a longer operational lifespan.

How to set up a pendant-style speaker?
Answer: Pendant-style speakers from high-quality manufacturers come with materials needed for installation, such as covers, bolts & nuts, steel cables, carabineers, fast links, wire retention plates, and installation instructions in the box.

How to maintain a commercial pendant speaker?
Answer: High-quality pendant speakers do not require much maintenance. Just operating them in the recommended voltage ranges and regular cleaning keeps them in optimal condition for years to come. Always consult the manual before cleaning your audio equipment, as certain cleaning methods or types of cleaners are unsafe.