Play the Right Tunes for Retail Success

Retail Shopping with Friends

Retail therapy is a great form of relaxation. It gets even better when you enter the store and your favorite songs are playing in the background while you shop. The right music can get you in the mood to shop, and you may not realize it, but it can encourage you to make a purchase. For this reason alone, every retailer should install a music system for their business.

Studies have shown that the wrong song or genre can put off a customer. Music is essential in creating the perfect shopping experience in today's competitive market.

So, how do you leverage your store's musical ambiance to drive branding and sales? Here, we will discuss a few handy tips.

Types of Audio Marketing

First, you have to understand the different facets of sound or audio marketing for retail spaces. Music is not the only tool in your arsenal.

1. Sonic Brand Logos
Every retail brand has a visual logo, but what about a sonic logo? You can      custom-create a signature sound that becomes the sonic logo of your store. For example, Netflix's signature sound, 'tudum' has become a sensation with worldwide promotional events and show launches happening around it. You can have it played at certain stages of shopping, like when the customer enters the store or completes a purchase.

 2. Soundscapes
These are custom musical notes and sounds that play constantly in the background setting the mood. You can make the soundscape of your store match the kind of products that you are selling. If it's a kid's store, you can play appropriate music that matches the vibrancy of children and their innocence.

 3. Music (Pop, Rock, R&B, Electronic, Hip-hop, K-pop, Latin, etc.)
This is more generic but easy to avail, provided you have a good sound system for your business. Choose the right track, and it will guarantee you a rise in sales. Some big stores have their in-house radio that plays music round the clock and even takes requests from the shoppers.

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Choosing the Right Music for Your Business

It's essential to choose the right music to create a desired impact on the shoppers:

  • What kind of mood do you want to set? Do you want them to feel relaxed or energized? Choose the music that matches the tone you want to set in the store. It will create the environment you want your customers to feel while shopping. For example, if it's summertime and you have an ongoing clearance sale at your store, some summer holiday vibes or at-the-beach kind of music can reflect a relaxed and peppy mood. For the holiday season, you can choose Christmas songs that everybody loves.
  • It's best to go for a slower tempo, regardless of your music choice. You want to keep the shoppers in the store exploring all your products. It creates a relaxing ambiance, encouraging them to slow the pace and take more time to check out everything.
  • Most essential of all, the music is for the general public, so you should keep it simple, low-key and age appropriate, ensuring it does not hurt anyone's views.

So, what are you waiting for? Get a quality sound system for your business to play the right tunes and boost your sales and brand identity.