Pure Resonance Audio C3 3" 70 Volt Commercial Ceiling Speaker Installation In A Drop Ceiling Tile, Mounted To Drywall, and Pendant Mounted Kit

The Pure Resonance Audio C3 3" micro ceiling mount speaker is our most versatile speaker yet with 3 different mounting options. The C3 is a great speaker option for background music or sound masking and speech privacy. It comes standard with a screw-on Easy-Mounting threaded mounting ring that’s engineered for mounting on drop ceiling tiles. There is a Drywall Mounting Ring option for installing the C3 in conventional drywall ceilings with no above ceiling access. You can also use the Pendant Mount Speaker Cover Kit with speaker wire and integrated safety cable that is designed for hanging the C3 in exposed open plenum ceilings, raked ceilings, and other contemporary open architectures. 

 C3 droptile, drywall, and pendant mounting options

We’ve built an installation guide for the C3 70-volt commercial ceiling mount speaker using each of the 3 different mounting options - ceiling tile, drywall, and pendant mount. 


How To Install The Pure Resonance Audio C3 3" 70 Volt Commercial Ceiling Mount Speaker System


There are tap setting options on the back of the C3 speaker that will need to be adjusted prior to installation. It includes taps for both 70-volt and 8-ohm low impedance. At 70V you can choose from 3 settings, 1.5 watts, 3 watts, and 5 watts.


Drop Ceiling Tile Easy-Mounting Ring Installation Guide

  1. Remove ceiling tile when attaching the speaker.
  2. Measure and cut a 4 1/4” diameter hole in the ceiling tile in the desired position.
  3. Unpack the speaker unit and remove the mounting ring.
  4. Insert the C3 speaker into hole in the ceiling tile and place the threaded mounting ring on the back of the speaker.
  5. Rotate the mounting ring onto the ceiling speaker until it is tight. Grooves on the outside edge of the ring help make a snug fit against the drywall.
  6. Run your speaker wire from your amplifier and connect to the + (red) and - (black) inputs and outputs (for 70V daisy-chaining) on the back of the C3.
  7. Select the desired tap setting.
  8. Replace the ceiling tile with the C3 securely installed.

*We recommend also attaching the speaker unit using the medal ring on the back with a safety cable. Check your local safety code requirements. The cable and hardware for this are not provided.

C3 in-ceiling mount speaker

Drywall Ceiling Mounting Ring Installation Kit

  1. Use the cut out template provided in the manual to measure 5 1/8” diameter carefully and cut your hole in the drywall.
  2. Unpack the C3 speaker unit and the drywall mounting ring.
  3. Unscrew the threaded easy-mounting ring that comes included on the C3 speaker.
  4. Screw on the C3 drywall mounting ring until it is tight and secure.
  5. Connect your speaker wire from your amplifier to the (+) and (-) inputs and outputs (for 70V daisy-chaining) on the back of the C3.
  6. Select the desired tap setting.
  7. Ensure that the dogears of the drywall mounting ring are sticking up and not laying down.
  8. Carefully push the C3 speaker with the drywall mount into the hole in your drywall. The edge of the hole in drywall should catch on the dogears, pushing them down and locking the speaker into place. 

C3 drywall mount speaker

Pendant Speaker Cover Installation with Wire and Integrated Safety Cable

  1. Unpack the C3 speaker and the pendant speaker cover, speaker cable with integrated safety cable, and loop nut cinch.
  2. Remove the easy-mounting ring included on the C3 speaker.
  3. Unscrew the gray collet nut on the rear of the pendant speaker cover and thread the provided speaker cable through the collet nut and into the back of the pendant cover.
  4. Connect the provided speaker wire to (+) and (-) inputs and outputs on the back of the C3 speaker. If you are daisy-chaining your speakers in a 70V application, connect all 4 of the speaker wires.
  5. Screw the C3 speaker unit into the pendant speaker cover until fully tightened and flush with the bottom of the pendant cover.
  6. Screw down the plastic collet nut on the back of the pendant speaker cover.
  7. At the end of the wire jacket there is a steel cable and nut. Unscrew the nut and adjust the wire as long as needed.
  8. Take the cable over the structure you are mounting to and securely attach the safety cable.
  9. If needed, clip any access speaker wire.
  10. Run your input wires to the amplifier and if daisy-chaining connect your output wires to your next speaker.
C3 pendant mount speaker

Speaker Placement

Let’s talk about the placement of your speakers.

  • If you desire music over a wide area, it is best to have a larger number of speakers playing at low volume, rather than a few speakers playing at a higher volume. Keep this in mind when designing your sound system.
  • Ideally, you should place the speakers as close to the primary listening area as possible. The perceived volume of the speaker decreases rapidly as it is moved further away from the listener.

Connecting Speakers To Your System

  1. The 4-pin Euroblock plug included on the back of the C3 allows for speaker wire input as well as speaker wire output to easily daisy chain speakers in 70V applications.
  2. Determine the locations for the speakers and estimate the length of the additional wire you will need for each speaker.
  3. Connect the speaker wires “+” to your amplifiers “+” and the speaker “-” to the amplifier “-”. IMPORTANT: Be sure not to let any stray “+” and “-” strands touch each other. Touching strands can cause a short circuit that could damage the amplifier.
  4. Turn your amplifier on and test the system with your favorite music.

If you have any additional questions about purchasing or installing the Pure Resonance Audio C3, give us a call at (866) 676-7804, or email us at sales@pureresonanceaudio. Our commercial audio experts are here to help!