Pure Resonance Audio’s New C6 6.5” & C8 8” 70V Commercial Ceiling Speakers

Pure Resonance Audio is excited to announce the release of two new 70V ceiling speakers - the C6 and C8. Ideal for educational and business applications, both commercial ceiling speakers provide full-range high-quality sound for background music, sound masking, or paging.

Differentiated by size and wattage, the C6C8 are 2-way 70-volt ceiling speakers with a compact flush-mount design that seamlessly blends into the ceiling.

C6 6.5-inch 70V Commercial Ceiling Speaker

The C6 features an easy-access 30-watt 70-volt transformer with an 8-ohm bypass, a 6.5" woofer, and an adjustable 1" tweeter–all designed for the best possible sound coverage in your space. This 6.5” 70V in-ceiling speaker would be ideal for classrooms, conference rooms, and other similar business applications.

Features of the C6 include:

  • 6.5” Woofer and 1” adjustable tweeter
  • Multi-use functionality for high-quality background music, sound masking, paging, announcements, and more
  • 30 Watts of high-quality performance with 88dB sensitivity and a wide 130Hz - 17kHz frequency range
  • Mounting doglegs for quick and easy installation

C8 8-inch 70V Commercial Ceiling Speaker

If you’re looking for more power and coverage, the C8 might be the perfect solution. This 70V ceiling mount speaker features an 8” low-frequency woofer, 1” high-frequency tweeter, and an easy-access 60-watt 70-volt transformer with an 8-ohm bypass. The C8 is an ideal commercial ceiling speaker for retail stores, restaurants, hospitality venues, auditoriums, classrooms, conference rooms, or any demanding business setting.

Features of the C8 include:

  • Robust sound from an 8” woofer and 1” tweeter with focused dispersion
  • Optimal versatility for quality background and foreground music, powerful paging, and more
  • Powerful performance with 60-watts of power handling, 94dB sensitivity, and a broad 55Hz - 20kHz frequency range
  • Quick and easy installation with a spring-loaded support system

Both models feature a removable magnetic grill and front access 70-volt / 100-volt multi-tap transformer switch with an 8-ohm bypass. Tile bridges are also available (sold separately) for secure mounting in drop tile ceilings.

If you’re interested in either the C6 or C8 70V commercial ceiling speaker, one of our talented audio engineers would love to speak with you. Contact us for more information at (866) 676-7804.