Pure Resonance Audio S3 Press Release: Compact & Lightweight Surface Mount Speaker

The Pure Resonance Audio S3 Micro Surface Mount Speaker With Swiveling Ball-Joint Wall Mount

Get ready for superior sound in a small, stylish package with the Pure Resonance Audio S3 micro surface-mount speaker. The S3 is a 70-volt 10-watt surface mount satellite speaker that's great for commercial audio applications where sound quality, aesthetics, and compact size matter.

  • Small enough to seamlessly fit into any space
  • Impressive audio performance and quality sound from a compact speaker
  • Integrated ball-joint allows for pan, tilt, and rotation adjustment to aim the speaker
  • A paper cone woofer provides natural sound reproduction and an expansive soundstage
  • Rugged ABS enclosure delivers long-lasting performance and durability
  • Ideal for use as a satellite speaker in a variety of commercial applications

The Pure Resonance Audio S3 micro speaker is perfect for business and commercial audio background music, paging and ambient sound masking in offices, retail stores, coffee shops, restaurants, hospitality venues, reception and waiting rooms, lounges, foyers, hallways, and auxiliary spaces.

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