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Designed to meet the needs of indoor and outdoor open-ceiling commercial applications, the Pure Resonance Audio PD Series pendant mount speakers are high-powered and...read more

70-volt speaker systems are most often installed in commercial environments such as restaurants, retail stores, fitness gyms, offices, conference rooms, and schools. The beauty of a 70v commercial sound...read more
Sound masking promotes speech privacy, cuts down on noise distractions, and increases focus and productivity. Our sound masking systems feature the Pure Resonance Audio PrivacyCard™ and...read more
The Pure Resonance Audio C3 3" micro ceiling mount speaker is our most versatile speaker yet. The C3 comes standard with a screw-on Easy-Mounting threaded mounting ring that’s...read more

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How to Install The Pure Resonance Audio C3 with 3 Mounting Types

Aug 12, 2021
Learn how to install the Pure Resonance Audio C3 3" micro speaker using the ceiling tile, drywall, & pendant mounting speaker kits.

How to Wire a 70 Volt Commercial Speaker System

Sep 29, 2021
Lets talk about the basic things to look at when going to install your system and how to integrate 70-volt volume controls into your system.

How to Connect Your Wireless Microphone to an Amplifier

Jan 13, 2022
See how to get your wireless microphone connected with the Pure Resonance Audio MA series and RMA series rack mount mixer amplifiers.