Wall Plates and Volume Knobs for Convenient Audio Control

Commercial sound equipment often comes with intricate setups and expansive features. Are you tired of dealing with tangled wires and complex controls just to manage the audio settings of your system efficiently? Dedicated wall panels and volume controls are specifically designed to simplify the operation of your sound system. These user-friendly wall controls are easy to install and offer a streamlined control interface. If you seek versatile wall control that delivers top-notch audio level adjustment, controllers equipped with dedicated attenuators for superior frequency response and minimal insertion loss are your optimal solution.

From straightforward volume dials to advanced wall plates, these controls can drastically reduce the time required to adjust volume levels or toggle sound systems on and off. The latest wall controls are capable of managing single or multiple speaker lines across 25V, 70V, or 100V sound systems in multi-zone sound setups. Let's explore some innovative volume control dials and wall plate controls:

  • Pure Resonance Audio VC100SIf you are looking for maximum functionality with attention to detail, the stainless steel VC100S provides the ultimate no-nonsense volume control knob for your audio system, rated at 100 watts. Customizable to handle 25/70/100V sound systems, this attenuator uses a skirted black rotary knob to ensure precise volume controls. The robust build quality and premium materials ensure excellent frequency response, low insertion loss, and reliable performance.

    The VC100S uses high-durability stainless steel construction for easy cleaning and sterilization. In commercial environments like hospitals, clinics, restaurants, and food factories where hygiene is essential, the VC100S offers easy cleaning. If your premises use 50-watt sound systems, the VC50S, rated at 50-watt, is the smaller sibling of the VC100S, featuring the same stainless steel design.

  • Pure Resonance Audio VC100W: In environments like classrooms, corporate offices, conference rooms, retail areas, and hospitality sectors, a minimalistic design is preferred to be coherent with the overall decor of the room. The VC100W is rated at 100 watts and supports similar audio quality, frequency response, low insertion loss, and reliable performance like the VC100S but with a minimalistic white design. The VC50W is another variant of the same product rated for 50-watt sound systems.

  • Pure Resonance Audio MX8-WP: A sleek yet powerful solution to your sound control needs. This control panel features XLR (External Line
    Return) and RCA (Radio Corporation of America) Jacks for versatile applications. Integrating the MX84 4-zone mixer and using an RJ45 port, this control panel connects various audio sources via balanced and unbalanced inputs. Other than the staple XLR and RCA jack, the control panel also houses a power button and a volume knob to put you in charge of the local audio inputs and control a single audio zone.

Simplified audio control is essential for managing office environments or busy events. High-quality volume controls and wall plates not only offer enhanced control but also streamline system organization. Reach out to a Pure Resonance Audio expert today to explore installation options and discover the myriad of applications these efficient solutions provide.