Pure Resonance Audio MX84 4 Zone 8-Channel Rack Mount Mic/Line Mixer

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Multi-Zone 8-Channel Rack Mount
Commercial Audio Mixer

The Pure Resonance Audio MX84 4 zone 8-channel rack mount mic/line mixer is a versatile solution for professional and commercial installations. This multi-zone audio mixer provides intuitive control over 8 channels across 4 zones with inputs for microphones and line-level audio sources. The easy-to-use front panel grants quick access to controls such as individual volume adjustments, tone control, channel-to-zone selection, and zone mute buttons. This 2U rackmount audio mixer also includes priority mute, a remote mic input, and a built-in speaker for monitoring individual zones. With a user-friendly interface and robust features, the Pure Resonance Audio MX84 mixer offers ultimate flexibility and effortless integration of multiple sources for a streamlined audio setup, making it the ideal choice for a wide range of audio applications.


4 zone outputs with 2-band EQ, remote input (compatible with MX8-WP), priority mute input, clipping, output level, & signal indicators, along with a built-in speaker for easy zone monitoring, with pre/post-fader switch & volume control.


4 balanced & 4 balanced or unbalanced inputs with volume gain controls, high, medium, & low equalization controls, intuitive zone buttons, & clipping & signal protection indicator lights.


Professional-quality mixer in a compact 2U rack-mountable design, with high-quality components ensuring top-notch performance.


Channels 1-4 support XLR/TRS inputs with individual gain control. While channel 1 features a phantom power switch & a priority ducking switch, channels 2-4 share a phantom power switch. Channels 5-8 feature TRS/RCA line-level inputs with individual gain control.


Priority remote mic RJ45 connection allows audio ducking & paging zone selection to a single zone or all zones (for use with the MX8-PM only).


Priority input suppresses all non-priority sources & seamlessly integrates with independent emergency alarm systems.

4 Zone 2U Rack Mount Design

The Pure Resonance Audio MX84 8-channel mic line mixer is a versatile audio solution catered to the demands of professional and commercial installations. Housed in a robust 2U rack-mountable chassis, this multi-zone audio mixer features four distinct audio zones and an impressive eight mixing channels with easy-to-use controls. Whether in a complex installation or a live sound setup, the MX84 can seamlessly integrate microphone and line-level audio sources across up to four output zones, providing a flexible and reliable solution for a variety of applications.

Pro-Grade Sound Quality & Effortless Integration

Designed to streamline your audio setup, the MX84 offers exceptional flexibility. The four audio zones each include 2-band EQ, priority mute input, and remote input for control to a remote wall plate (MX8-WP). Channels one through four are specially designed with microphone and line-level inputs featuring 3-band EQ and phantom power, while channel one exclusively features a priority ducking switch. The MX84 boasts another four channels with line-level inputs. For added convenience and functionality, the MX84 is also equipped with an RJ45 remote mic input with audio ducking and paging zone selection (for use with the MX8-PM microphone) and a dedicated priority mute input, enabling easy integration with independent alarm systems.

Intuitive Control & Enhanced Functionality

The MX84 commercial audio mixer combines adaptability with user-friendly controls, making it a dependable go-to solution. The intuitive front interface provides volume controls, tone adjustments, zone mute, and protection indicator lights for all four output zones. In addition to these features, the MX84 also includes a built-in speaker for monitoring individual zones with easy zone selection, a pre-fader or post-fader switch, and monitor volume control. All eight channels feature a dedicated volume control dial, indicator lights, and simple-to-use zone selection to assign each channel's audio to a specific output. With its versatile design, intuitive controls, and multiple attributes, the Pure Resonance Audio MX84 8-channel rack mount audio mixer is ideal for enhancing your audio experience and unlocking the full potential of your sound system.


Rated Output Level / Impedance: 0 dB / 600 Ω Balanced

Input sensitivity / Impedance:
Mic Input (CH 1-4): -50 dB ~ -6 dB / 20k Ω Balanced
Line Input (CH 1-8): -20 dB ~ +4 dB / 20k Ω Balanced/Unbalanced
Remote Mic Input: 0 dB / 600 Ω Balanced

Phantom Power: CH 1 and CH 2-4 option

Frequency Response (±1 dB): 20Hz - 20kHz

Distortion (THD): < 0.01%

Priority Ducking: > 70 dB

Input: High: 12 kHz ± 15 dB / Mid: 2.5 kHz ± 15 dB / Low: 80 Hz ± 15 dB
Output: High: 10 kHz ± 15 dB / Low: 100 Hz ± 15 dB

S/N Ratio: > 90 dB

Power: AC 100 - 240V, 50 / 60Hz

Dimensions (H x W x D): 3.5" (89 mm) x 19" (483 mm) x 11.25" (286 mm)

Net Weight: 19.84 lbs (9 kg)


What comes in the box?
(1) MX84 4 Zone 8-Channel Rack Mount Mixer
(1) Power Cord