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Commercial Sound Masking Solutions for Offices and Business Environments
Create Ambient Sound and Music that Masks Disruptive Environmental Noises

Easy to Use

Easily add sound masking & speech privacy for any application. Simply plug-in our USB PrivacyCard™ into your mixer or mixer amplifier for instant sound masking

Privacy Protection

Create a comfortable atmosphere while protecting confidential & sensitive patient, customer, company or employee information, as well as private conversations

Increases Productivity

A productivity tool in the form of sound. Strategic background noise is proven to boost productivity & help eliminate distractions by adding waves of ambient sound forming an invisible masking barrier


Ceiling Type

Mount Type


  • White
  • Black
  • - Coverage up to 2000 SF
    - Sound masking made simple with USB card
    - Great for open-ceiling architectural designs
    - 30W sound masking generator
    - Includes (4) PD4 Pendant Speakers, (1) MA30BT, (1) Sound Masking PrivacyCard™ & 250' of Wire

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  • - Coverage up to 2000 SF
    - Blend masking, music and paging in open-ceiling architectural designs
    - Ocean USB sound masking generator card
    - 120W sound masking generator
    - (4) PD4 pendant speakers
    - RMA120BT 120-watt Bluetooth rackmount mixer amplifier
    - 250' of speaker wire

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  • - Coverage up to 1200 SF
    - Sound masking made simple with USB card
    - Stylish, intelligent design
    - 60W sound masking generator
    - Includes (8) C3 Speakers, (8) Pendant Kits, (1) MA60BT, (1) Sound Masking PrivacyCard™ & 500' of Wire

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