Stadium Sound Systems

Complete Outdoor Stadium Speaker Solutions for Baseball Fields, Arenas, Football Stadiums, Athletic Sports Fields, Race Tracks & More


Durable weatherproof loudspeakers, built to withstand outdoor stadium conditions


Wirelessly stream audio for your athletic field from any Bluetooth-enabled device


Full-range organic sound with clear vocal and music reproduction and low distortion


  • Baseball Complex Sound System Featuring 8 S10 10" All-Weather Speakers, MX84 4 Zone Mixer, 2 DA2500 Power Amps, 4 PTT1 Mics & 4 MX8-WP Wall Controls


    - Weatherproof surface mount speakers
    - 4 Zone 8-channel mixer
    - (2) Dual-impedance power amps
    - (4) Push-to-talk microphones
    - (4) 2-Input volume controls
    - Includes (8) patch cables & 1000' of speaker wire


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Outdoor Stadium Sound System Designs

Pure Resonance Audio stadium speaker systems provide powerful, high-quality audio, crystal clear vocal intelligibility, and Bluetooth audio streaming capabilities for baseball fields, football stadiums, arenas, and athletic sports fields. Our easy-to-install outdoor stadium sound system designs will fill your stands and seating as well as the middle of the field with wide audio coverage creating an exciting environment for your players, guests, and fans.

These complete sound systems include stadium speakers, Bluetooth amplifiers, and microphones for play-by-play announcements and high-level music to take your athletic games to the next level. Wirelessly stream audio from any Bluetooth-enabled device, make announcements with your paging microphone, or plug in a USB thumb drive or SD card. Our all-weather outdoor stadium loudspeakers include heavy-duty mounting solutions for installation on press boxes or scoreboards.

With superior music quality and impeccable speech reproduction, these sound systems are ideal for stadiums, football fields, baseball stadiums, soccer fields, outdoor arenas, race tracks, and complete athletic complexes with food stands, concessions, entertainment, and parking areas.