Pure Resonance Audio S6.1 6.5" Premium 70V Indoor/Outdoor Surface Mount Loudspeaker

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6.5" 3-Way Full-Range Commercial All-Weather Loudspeaker 60 Watts at 70V/100V/8 Ohm

The Pure Resonance Audio S6.1 redefines 70-volt outdoor surface mount loudspeakers combining premium audio performance, beauty, durability, and simple usability in a single concept. The durable IP65-rated dust and water-resistant UV-protected ABS enclosure make the S6.1 perfect for background and foreground-level music, paging, and general-purpose audio in both indoor and outdoor commercial applications. This 3-way all-weather 70V surface mount loudspeaker encompasses a 6.5" graphite woofer and 1" silk tweeter and a built-in 70V/100V transformer with an 8-ohm bypass. Exclusive OBE (Optimal Bass Enhancement) radiator technology provides an enhanced low-end for a richer and more robust full-range sound. The S6.1 produces impeccable acoustic quality, high-fidelity audio with clean and clear vocal reproduction needed for restaurants, bars, retail stores, fitness centers, schools, and other business applications.


A Premium Audio Experience, Weather-Resistant Durability, and Beautiful Design


The all-weather IP65-rated (when properly installed) construction protects against direct contact with water and dust, while the UV protection and strong ABS housing prepare the S6.1 for long-term durability in demanding indoor and outdoor conditions.


A 6.5" graphite woofer and 1" silk soft dome tweeter paired with exclusive OBE (Optimal Bass Enhancement) radiator technology deliver an enhanced low-end for 80Hz - 20kHz full-range frequency response, lower distortion, increased bandwidth, and improved transient response at 60-watts with 86 dB SPL sensitivity.


The streamlined and elegant housing is thoughtfully designed with an extra touch of modern sophistication.


The unique rear cover protects the Phoenix Euroblock screw terminal connector and the built-in 70 Volt/100 Volt tap transformer with an 8-ohm bypass selector providing added versatility and weather resistance.


Perfect for foreground and background music, paging, announcements, and general-purpose audio in indoor and outdoor commercial applications.


Quickly installs with the included water-proof surface mounting bracket for horizontal or vertical mounting on walls or under awnings, overhangs, and more.

70-Volt Outdoor Surface Mount Loudspeaker

The Pure Resonance Audio S6.1 3-way all-weather loudspeaker offers premium quality audio performance from an elegant but durable surface mount enclosure. The S6.1 delivers crystal clear sound for foreground or background music, paging, public address, and general-purpose audio in indoor and outdoor commercial applications. IP65-rated (when the cover is installed, and the speaker is mounted properly), this 70-volt outdoor speaker is fully dust-tight and protected against direct contact with water or rain. A rugged Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene (ABS) housing and mesh metal grille provide outstanding impact resistance and long-term durability. Anti-UV materials added to the shell prevent fading in sunlight, making the S6.1 ideal for patios, decks, poolside, or high-moisture indoor environments that require superior speech intelligibility and outstanding music reproduction.

Premium Quality Performance

The S6.1 commercial outdoor speaker produces 60 watts of continuous performance and high-fidelity audio with clean and clear vocal reproduction. The durable, functional design includes a 1" high-frequency silk soft dome tweeter for superb clarity and a 6.5" graphite low-frequency woofer for strong low-end with lower distortion, increased bandwidth, and improved transient response. Exclusive OBE (Optimal Bass Enhancement) radiator technology provides an enhanced rich sound, outstanding full-range frequency response of 80Hz - 20kHz, and an average sensitivity of 86 dB SPL.

Convenient Commercial Installation

This 70-volt outdoor surface mount loudspeaker is designed for exceptional performance and ultimate installation convenience in restaurants, bars, retail stores, shopping malls, sports facilities, hotels, casinos, hospitality venues, health and fitness clubs, amusement and theme parks, Houses of Worship, schools, conference rooms, presentation spaces, corporate meeting rooms, conference centers, and other commercial audio distributed sound systems. Unique rear covers protect the Phoenix Euroblock 4-pin screw terminal connector and a built-in 70-volt/100-volt switchable transformer with taps ranging from 2.5W to 20W and an 8-ohm bypass selector. Installation is quick and easy with the provided waterproof bracket with horizontal and vertical notches for two surface mounting options on walls, under awnings, overhangs, press boxes, and more.


Power Rating: 60 Watt RMS; 120 Watt Peak

Frequency Response (±10dB): 80Hz - 20kHz

SPL (@ 1W/1M): 86dB±3

Impedance: 8 Ohms

Transformer Taps: 2.5W, 5W, 10W, 20W @ 70V
                               5W, 10W, 20W, 40W @ 100V
                               8 Ohm Bypass

Woofer Size: 6.5"

Woofer Material: Graphite

Tweeter Size: 1"

Tweeter Diaphragm Material: Silk soft dome

Protection: Water-resistant IP65

Material: ABS enclosure, UV protection, and metal grill

Mount: Waterproof surface mount bracket

Dimensions (H x W x D):
11.22" (285 mm) x 7.8" (198 mm) x 7.68" (195 mm)

Net Weight: 7.61 lbs (3.45 kg)

Shipping Weight: 8.43 lbs (3.83 kg)


What comes in the box?
(1) S6.1 Premium 70V Surface Mount Loudspeaker
(1) Surface Mount Bracket