Pure Resonance Audio MX8-PM Multi-Zone Push-To-Talk Paging Microphone

$ 215.99
$ 179.99


Desktop Condenser Microphone with
Push-To-Talk Button, 4 Zone Selection
& Chime for use with MX82 & MX84 Mixer

The Pure Resonance Audio MX8-PM is a compact and lightweight 4-zone push-to-talk microphone designed for commercial paging applications and exclusively compatible with the MX82 and MX84 mixers. This user-friendly multi-zone paging microphone simplifies paging across individual, multiple, or all audio zones simultaneously. Featuring a gooseneck condenser microphone that delivers a wide range of input sensitivity, low distortion, and low noise levels, the MX8-PM comes with volume control, a pre-announcement chime, audio ducking, and zone-locking. Packed with essential functionalities, the MX8-PM is an excellent choice for businesses that require clear, high-quality sound reproduction for paging and announcements.


Up to 4 zones, allowing you to page individual zones, only selected zone(s), or all the zones with the push of a button.



Powered exclusively by an MX82 or MX84 mixer via a single CAT-5 cable connection from the RJ45 port.



Built-in optional pre-announcement chime to signal that a page is about to be made.



Equipped with LED indicator lights for power, signal, and clipping protection, the MX8-PM is designed to ensure safe and reliable daily operation in demanding commercial applications.


This compact and lightweight desktop condenser microphone features a 17" gooseneck with broad range sensitivity, low distortion, and low noise level.


Volume control on the front or rear panel, audio ducking for priority paging, as well as a zone locking switch to block paging to unwanted zones.

Multi-Zone Paging Microphone

The Pure Resonance Audio MX8-PM 4-zone push-to-talk paging microphone is a comprehensive solution designed exclusively for use with the MX82 and MX84 mixers in commercial applications. This easy-to-use desktop condenser microphone has a user-friendly interface that simplifies operation with zone buttons that light up bright green when activated. With the MX8-PM, you can select precise zones for paging across individual zones, a group of zones, or all four zones simultaneously, saving time and effort while ensuring effective communication.

Seamless Power & Enhanced Control

The MX8-PM is powered through a single CAT-5 cable that connects to the MX82 or MX84 mixer. This desktop paging microphone offers convenient features, including volume control and a zone-locking switch for enhanced control. Additionally, it has an integrated pre-announcement chime that alerts listeners to upcoming announcements and audio ducking to ensure the page is heard clearly. The MX8-PM also has LED indicators for power, signal, and clipping, which help to ensure safe and reliable use for extended periods.

Exceptional Performance in a Compact Design

The MX8-PM not only delivers outstanding functionality but also provides exceptional performance. This desktop condenser microphone has a wide sensitivity range, low distortion, and low noise levels that ensure crystal-clear and high-quality sound reproduction. Packed into a compact and lightweight design, the MX8-PM is a perfect fit for commercial environments in need of delivering paging and announcements with the utmost precision and clarity.


Microphone Type: Condenser

Input Sensitivity: -60 dB ±3 dB/600Ω Balanced

Output Level: 0 dB/600Ω Balanced

Frequency Response: 45Hz~15kHz/±1 dB

Connector: RJ45 port

Distortion (THD): < 0.1%

Signal-to-Noise Ratio: < 90 dB

Gooseneck Dimensions (L): 17" (432 mm)

Base Dimensions (HxWxD): 2.38" (60 mm) x 5.5" (140 mm) x 8.07" (205 mm)

Net Weight: 1.9 lbs (0.86 kg)


What comes in the box?
(1) MX8-PM Push-To-Talk Paging Microphone
(1) CAT-5 Cable