Pure Resonance Audio PrivacyCard™ USB Sound Masking Generator - Babble Noise

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Pure Resonance Audio PrivacyCard™

USB Ambient Voices
Sound Masking Generator

Pure Resonance Audio has taken the mystery out of sound masking by creating an affordable USB sound masking generator that’s small, portable and incredibly easy to use. This Pure Resonance Audio PrivacyCard™ sound masking generator pairs babble noise sounds (engineered recordings of live voices like the background noise at your local coffee shop) with the all so familiar USB drive enabling you to plugin and play with almost any USB mixer or mixer amplifier. Not only is it the most affordable background noise generator on the market but it is also an extremely simple and versatile solution that allows customers to mix our proprietary speech masking noise with their favorite music. Plug it in and instantly add sound masking, speech privacy and background music into offices, medical facilities, call centers, banks and financial organizations, hotels, military and government agencies, law enforcement, law offices, spas, educational institutions, retail stores, or any other overly noisy, too quiet or private space.

Fade The Stress Away

Whether it’s too quiet or too noisy, the PrivacyCard™ USB ambient noise generator is the answer


With no installation needed, easily add sound masking and speech privacy for your business. Plug in and play with any USB mixer or mixer amplifier. No installation. No hassle.


Extremely small at only 3.27” H x 2.05” W x 0.15” D, the PrivacyCard™ is a cost-effective portable solution. Unplug it, take it with you in your wallet or purse and plug it back in.


Maintain comfort and protect confidential or sensitive patient, customer, company or employee information, as well as private conversations.


A productivity tool in the form of live voice recordings. Babble noise is proven to boost productivity and creativity and help eliminate distractions by adding waves of ambient sound and hiding the distracting noises.


Mix our proprietary speech masking with your favorite music creating the ultimate private environment with both sound masking and background music.


Designed by a former Roland® PHD Sound Engineer, babble noise is proven to offer a higher level of efficiency when camouflaging speech effectively ensuring the same amount of privacy using lower masking levels.

The PrivacyCard™ Babble Noise Generator

Babble noise, engineered recordings of live voices similar to the background noise at your local coffee shop, offers a higher level of efficiency when camouflaging speech. This allows you to use lower masking levels while ensuring the same amount of privacy. In open offices, overheard conversations are often cited as the main source of distraction because ignoring a person talking is a difficult task for the human brain, especially when you can clearly hear the conversation. An excellent way to reduce the annoyances of intelligible speech is to mask it using natural noises with the babble noise-generating PrivacyCard™ USB sound masking card.

Pure Resonance Audio’s trusted industry professionals partnered with a former Roland® PHD Sound Engineer to take the mystery out of sound masking by creating an affordable product that’s easy to operate and uses a universally familiar interface. The Pure Resonance Audio PrivacyCard™ is a USB babble noise generator that’s compatible with most USB ports enabling you to plug in and play with a USB mixer or mixer amplifier. Our frequency-shaped waves of ambient noises focus on the frequencies you want to effectively block, this ensures higher efficiency and quieter masking levels to achieve comfort, privacy, and focus.

Sound masking is an effective productivity tool that also offers speech privacy in the form of sound. Ambient noise is proven to protect private conversations and boost productivity, as well as creativity, by helping to reduce unwanted noises, eliminate distractions and prevent outsiders from overhearing sensitive information. Corporate offices, doctor offices, therapists' offices, law offices, hospitals, pharmacies, hotel lobbies, church offices, and generally open office floor-plans often benefit from sound masking devices. The added noise covers existing sounds in the area making the atmosphere more acoustically comfortable and overall providing a more pleasant and private place for employees, customers or patients.

An extremely simple and versatile solution, the PrivacyCard™ also allows customers to mix our proprietary babble noise masking with their favorite music. Create the ultimate private environment with sound masking and background music capabilities in any bank or financial organization, military or government agency, law enforcement building, medical facility, educational institution, law firm or any other business.


Noise Type: Babble Noise

Dimensions (Dia x D): 3.27" (83 mm) x 2.05" (52 mm) x 0.15" (3.81 mm)


  1. Insert USB into the USB media player of your mixer or mixer amplifier
  2. Turn up the volume to your desired level



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