Pure Resonance Audio S12 12" High Output 2-Way Full-Range All-Weather Loudspeaker

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12" Multipurpose Two-Way Full-Range
90° x 90° Coaxial Weatherproof Speaker
300 Watts at 70V/100V/8 Ohm

The Pure Resonance Audio S12 is a 12" multipurpose 2-way full-range all-weather outdoor speaker that offers a wider frequency range, more powerful sound, and enhanced coverage compared to its smaller sibling, the S10 10" speaker. While the S10 is a reliable and economical choice, the S12 provides a step up in size and performance for those seeking greater capabilities. This outdoor stadium speaker boasts an IP66 rating, ensuring it is dust-tight and protected against high water pressure. The S12 is made to withstand harsh environmental conditions with a stainless steel enclosure, fiber-reinforced plastic cover, and a metal grill. Equipped with a 12" coaxial woofer and 1.5" tweeter, it delivers a full-frequency response and precise speech reproduction over a wide area. This 70-volt outdoor speaker features a built-in 300-watt 70V/100V multi-tap transformer with an 8-ohm bypass for high-output sound. Easy to mount with an included wall bracket, the S12 speaker is perfect for music, paging, and general public address in stadiums, gymnasiums, schools, parks, warehouses, and other outdoor commercial applications.

12" 300W 2-Way Coaxial Weatherproof Speaker

IP66 Rated, Powerful Audio, Wide
Dispersion and Extended Coverage


Highly weatherproof IP66-rated construction with fiber-reinforced plastic, stainless steel enclosure, and a metal grill ensures complete protection against direct high-pressure water jets, dust, and other particles for long-term reliability in severe outdoor environments.


The coaxial 12" LF paper cone and 1.5" HF thermoplastic drivers produce a full-range frequency response of 70 - 20kHz and a max SPL of 120 dB for stable organic sound with precise vocal reproduction and low distortion.


Recessed screw terminal connector, 70-volt and 100-volt multi-tap transformer (with an 8-ohm bypass), and a waterproof seal cover provide a weather-safe connection.


Up to 300 watts of continuous power handling and a 90° x 90° dispersion pattern produce an ideal coverage of more than 4000 sq. ft. and up to 700 ft. for direct speech.



Two drivers come from the same point source, allowing for a wider listening field, smoother frequency response, improved clarity, and a bigger sound from a compact enclosure.


A heavy-duty wall mounting bracket is included for quick, safe, and secure installation in indoor and outdoor stadiums, gymnasiums, warehouses, and various outdoor commercial applications.

All-Weather Outdoor Speaker

The Pure Resonance Audio S12 12" outdoor stadium loudspeaker is specially designed to provide high-quality audio performance even in the most extreme environmental conditions. This 70-volt outdoor speaker is built with tough fiber-reinforced plastic and stainless steel housing, as well as a metal grill, ensuring optimal durability and longevity. IP66-rated, this highly weather-resistant speaker is fully protected against dust, dirt particles, and direct high-pressure water. The S12 is an excellent solution for background and foreground music, paging, announcements, and general public address in various commercial applications such as stadiums, gymnasiums, ball fields, schools, sports facilities, athletic centers, arenas, racetracks, fairgrounds, rodeos, skating rinks, theme parks, water parks, playgrounds, public swimming pools, warehouses, distribution centers, factories, manufacturing plants, train stations, airports, airplane hangars, and more.

Powerful Performance & Long Coverage

The Pure Resonance Audio S12 commercial outdoor speaker produces clear speech, excellent music reproduction, and broad coverage. With power taps up to a powerful 300 watts and a wide coverage angle of 90° x 90°, this all-weather loudspeaker can reach a sound range of more than 4000 square feet and 700 feet for direct speech. This outdoor stadium speaker features a 12" woofer with a 3" voice coil and 1.5" tweeter that delivers high-output sound with a full-range frequency response of 70Hz - 20kHz and an average sensitivity of 105 dB SPL. The low-frequency paper cone and voice coil produce a lively organic sound with low distortion, while the high-frequency polyethylene naphthalate (PEN) thermoplastic driver offers consistent performance in severe environments with extreme temperatures. The coaxial driver design enables the sound from two drivers to come from the same point source, resulting in a wide range, large sound, smooth frequency response, and improved clarity.

Secure Commercial Installation

The S12 all-weather stadium speaker is equipped with a built-in 70V/100V multi-tap transformer that includes an 8-ohm bypass and a screw terminal connector, all recessed under the rear waterproof seal cover for a secure and weather-safe connection. The installation process is quick, safe, and secure, thanks to the heavy-duty wall mounting bracket. To install, simply remove the rear cover, connect the speaker wire based on the desired tap setting, replace the cover, mount the wall bracket, and attach the speaker. If you need to connect an additional speaker, remove the "knockout" (plastic piece) from the back cover and add the provided collet nut for water resistance. A 7/8" wrench is required for the external nut, while a 15/16" wrench is needed for the internal nut.


Power Rating: 300 Watts RMS; 600 Watts Peak

Frequency Response (±3 dB): 70Hz - 20kHz

Sensitivity (@ 1w/1m): 105 dB

Max SPL: 120 dB

Dispersion: 90° x 90°

Impedance: 8 Ohms

Transformer Taps: 70V: 25W, 37W, 75W, 150W, 300W
                                  100V: 37W, 75W, 150W, 300W
                                  8 Ohm Bypass

Woofer: 12" Paper cone with 3" voice coil

Tweeter: 1.5" Thermoplastic

Grill: Metal

Material: Fiber-reinforced plastic and stainless steel enclosure

Protection Rating: Weatherproof IP66

Connection: Screw terminal

Mount: Wall mounting bracket and M8 eyebolt supplied

Dimensions (H x W x D):
14.76" (375 mm) x 15.55" (395 mm) x 17.13" (435 mm)

Weight: 44.75 lbs (20.3 kg)

Shipping Dimensions (H x W x D):
19.49" (495 mm) x 21.06" (535 mm) x 19.69" (500 mm)

Shipping Weight: 47.73 lbs (21.65 kg)


What comes in the box?
(1) S12 All-Weather Outdoor Stadium Speaker
(1) Wall Mounting Bracket
(1) M8 Eye Bolt