A Customer Story: Black Hills Smart Homes Receives a Commercial Multi-Zone Audio System

Black Hills Smart Homes received a customized Pure Resonance Audio multi-zone audio system for a grocery store installation in the Black Hills of South Dakota. The system features Pure Resonance Audio PD6 pendant mount loudspeakers, RZMA120BT 4 Zone 120W Bluetooth rack mount mixer amplifier, and the PMZ16 remote paging microphone station with zone control.

Chris Weeks’ passion for smart home technology systems inspired him to start his own business, Black Hills Smart Homes. This smart home automation system company in the Black Hills of South Dakota gained traction by fully automating Airbnb properties and family homes. As his business expanded to churches and businesses, he began installing commercial audio sound systems as well. 

When Weeks was approached by a local grocery store to install a commercial speaker system in their new location, he decided that Pro Acoustics could be the perfect place to get the sound equipment he needed from people who know the commercial audio system business. 

The grocery store needed a lot of speakers to cover the large shopping floor, and they wanted the ability to run multiple zones for their back room and office areas. Pro Acoustics helped Weeks understand how many speakers he would need to get the best coverage while keeping the sound quality consistent. Pro Acoustics was able to build a complete audio system to meet the grocery store’s specific needs. 

Pro Acoustics chose to use Pure Resonance Audio PD6 pendant mount loudspeakers because they are designed specifically for open-ceiling commercial applications. These 70-volt pendant mount loudspeakers are easy to install and provide clear intelligible audio for paging, announcements, foreground music, and background music.

They paired the Pure Resonance Audio pendant speaker system with a Pure Resonance Audio RZMA120BT multi-zone amplifier so the grocery store has the ability to play different music and volumes in their facility. The RZMA120BT 4-zone 120W Bluetooth rack mount mixer amplifier is an all-in-one solution for configuring and operating multi-zone audio systems, Its advanced matrix technology allows you to route up to four zone selectable inputs to be assigned to a zone, or across multiple zones with the push of a button. Each input is supplied with separate bass, treble, and volume control for precise sound in each individual zone. 

The sound system was completed with the Pure Resonance Audio PMZ16 Remote Paging Microphone Station with Zone Control and Chimes. This paging mic allows the grocery store the ability to make announcements to a single zone, group of zones, and/or all zones when connected to the Pure Resonance Audio RZMA120BT multi-zone mixer-amplifier. 

Weeks says, “The equipment was perfect. My client couldn’t have been happier. It filled the area so well with sound, even at lower volumes, that you couldn’t even sense where the sound was coming from. It was exactly what was needed for that room.”

Weeks knew that finding a reputable business to work with wouldn’t be easy. He puts his own neck on the line for his clients so he needs to make sure that he can get the products he needs at the prices he quotes his clients, and it all needs to come together like he promises. After finding Pro Acoustics, he says, “Pro Acoustics has come through for me more than once now, and I'll be coming back again.” 

Because of his good relationship with Pro Acoustics, Weeks has continued to work with them to get the best audio system equipment, most recently purchasing a commercial sound system with the RMA120BT 120W Rack Mount Mixer Amplifier for a church installation. 

If you want to learn more about Black Hills Smart Homes, you can check out their website, www.blackhillssmarthomes.com or shoot Chris an email at blackhillssmarthomes@gmail.com

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