A Customer Story: Oklahoma State Corrections Facility Gets New PA Sound Systems

A corrections facility in Oklahoma gets customized PA systems for their housing units that feature Pure Resonance Audio RZMA120BT 4 Zone 120W Commercial Rack Mount Mixer Amplifiers and Pure Resonance Audio UC1S Ultra-Clear Dynamic Microphone.

When the Oklahoma Department of Corrections state facility where Tod Dillard works needed new audio systems, Todd reached out to Pro Acoustics for help. The facility opened in 1962 and was in need of an updated public address system for its three housing units.

Two of the housing units are open bay type living areas with approximately 215 inmates in each. Due to large fans running constantly, these units are very noisy so inmates couldn’t hear when they were being paged or when announcements were being made.

Tod explained the trouble they were having with their old units to the sales engineer with Pro Acoustics. After receiving the floor plans for the units, Pro Acoustics designed two systems to meet their audio needs.

The custom PA systems that Merry designed featured Pure Resonance Audio RZMA120BT 4 Zone Mixer Amplifiers, Atlas Sound Horn Loudspeakers, and Desktop Microphone Packages with Pure Resonance Audio UC1S vocal mics and adjustable stands.

Pure Resonance Audio RZMA120BT 4 Zone 120W Rack Mount Mixer Amplifier

The Pure Resonance Audio RZMA120BT is a multi-zone mixer amplifier with 4 x 120-watt output capability at 4 Ohm, 70, and 100 Volts. Its advanced matrix technology allows four zone selectable inputs to be assigned to a zone, or across multiple zones with the push of a button, making this mixer amp a perfect choice for paging and announcements in the different housing units. The RZMA120BT is also equipped with built-in MP3, FM tuner, Bluetooth, and recording capability and is an all-in-one solution for configuring and operating multi-zone audio systems not only for this facility but also for hotels, sports venues, houses of worship, schools, retail spaces, restaurants, meeting and conference spaces.

Pure Resonance Audio UC1S Dynamic Microphone and 20ft Cable

The two desktop microphone packages include Pure Resonance Audio UC1S vocal mics, adjustable desktop stands, and 20ft cable. The Pure Resonance Audio UC1S Ultra-Clear™ dynamic vocal microphone delivers ultra clear audio with super heavy-duty housing and ultra-quiet On/Off switch. The adjustable height desktop mic stand is versatile and may be adjusted from 8" to 13". The included Mic Cables are built to last and are compatible with any XLR connection-microphones, mixers, or recorders. This package is an excellent value, perfect for public address and announcements, the two audio solutions Tod was looking for.

Tod says that he has no reservations about the systems or any of the products, and he has seen the audio “greatly improve” in his facility thanks to the quality of the system. He gives the equipment a strong “10/10” after experiencing the improvement in his audio.