A Customer Story: Fit Body Boot Camp Gets a New Fitness Studio Sound System

Fit Body Boot Camp

 If you call Amarillo, TX home, you should check out Fit Body  Boot Camp. Offering quick, fat-burning workouts and nutrition plans, Fit Body Boot Camp is a group fitness program that helps members lose weight, build confidence, and have fun. When they needed to set up a fitness studio sound system, Pure Resonance Audio was thrilled to help them choose the right one.

Opening the New Fitness Studio

Shyla opened Fit Body Boot Camp in southwest Amarillo in 2022. As a personal trainer, exercise specialist, and nutritional coach, she wanted to bring a unique program to the fast-paced, bustling corner of the city. Shyla discovered the Fit Body Boot camp program fit the bill. Each training session only takes 30 minutes to complete, but the high-intensity workout burns twice the calories. The best part? The workouts are perfect for people of any fitness level. The certified coaches make sure each student gets an amazing workout safely and efficiently. And for members who want to see even more results, Fit Body Boot Camp also includes its own nutrition program. Shyla says she loves watching her members meet their health and fitness goals.

She decided to open the fitness studio in a sleek, brick commercial space in Greenways Village. With the help of her husband, Brad, Shyla set out to create a group space that was welcoming, modern, and inspirational. The studio they created features a striking black ceiling, a cozy wooden accent wall, and motivational phrases painted in shades of black and white.

But the feature piece would be a new sound system for the gym studio. Filling the space with upbeat music would make the experience more enjoyable for their members and keep everyone motivated during their high-energy training sessions.

Fit Body Boot Camp Group

They knew they would need a system that Shyla’s husband, Brad, could install. Yet, when they started researching fitness audio systems online, they ran into a few problems. They needed a system that could play music during the workout sessions using a Bluetooth device like a phone or tablet. But the coaches also needed a way to project their voices over the music to give instructions and offer encouragement, so they needed a mic input.

They also needed fitness studio speakers that would work with the contemporary architecture of the space. The studio includes a drop ceiling, which makes installing ceiling speakers difficult. Brad needed a way to mount a speaker to the removable tiles, or he might be forced to cut into the suspended drop tile ceiling. Neither option was ideal.

Finding the Right Sound System Solution

Brad then discovered the group fitness studio sound system package on the Pure Resonance Audio website. This package included everything they needed. "Also, finding out you were located in Texas and could ship quickly sealed the deal, " Brad explained.

He worked with Andrew McPherson, one of our sales engineers, to create a personalized system. Andrew considered the suspended ceilings and the size of the studio when making his recommendation. He set them up with a Pure Resonance Premium Fitness Sound System, which included two SD5 SuperDispersion Drop Tile Ceiling Speaker Arrays and an RMA120BT Amplifier.

The Pure Resonance Premium Fitness Sound System includes an easy-to-install ceiling tile speaker. Brad simply replaced one of the gym's ceiling tiles with the fitness speaker. The instructors can now stream the music of their choice using a Bluetooth-enabled device. “The drop-in ceiling speaker tile was a great solution and perfect for our needs,” Brad said. The fitness sound system sounded incredible, delivering 360 degrees of music and audio using the powerful 120W mixer amplifier.

The Pure Resonance Audio SD5 SuperDispersion Drop Tile Ceiling Speaker Array ensures everyone in the class can hear the trainers. These ceiling speakers work with AV equipment, conference equipment, and microphones to amplify a person’s voice. But unlike other systems that require multiple speakers spaced throughout the room, the two speakers provided enough coverage for the entire gym.

The final element of the system is the Pure Resonance Audio RMA120BT Amplifier. This compact and lightweight amplifier offers 120 watts of Class H power and pairs with a Bluetooth device for music streaming

And when class is in session, the amplifier has priority audio ducking. The trainers can set their microphones as the priority input. When they talk, the amplifier will automatically lower the volume of the music, so it’s easier for the class to hear their instructions. Then when they finish talking, the volume of the music will return to its previous level. Or the instructor can easily change the volume, skip songs, or pause the music from afar with the included remote control.

The sound system package was a perfect fit!

Brad says, "It was an ideal solution for our needs, and the installation was easy." And when they fit the speakers into the ceiling, they looked great with the modern style of the studio.

We're inspired by Amarillo Fit Body Boot Camp, and we’re thrilled we could help Shyla and Brad find a group fitness sound system for their members.

Interested in a new sound system for your studio or gym? Contact Pure Resonance Audio for a custom quote.