Pure Resonance Audio SD5 Drop Ceiling Tile Speaker with Built-in 70V Transformer

Pure Resonance Audio SD5 SuperDispersion Ceiling Speaker Array

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One Speaker, Maximize Coverage, Minimize Cost

Pure Resonance Audio SD5 SuperDispersion Omnidirectional Drop Tile Ceiling Speaker Array, 50’ x 50’ Crystal Clear Audio Coverage with Just One Speaker

The Pure Resonance Audio SD5 SuperDispersion® omnidirectional drop tile ceiling speaker array is the premium solution for speech reproduction and intelligibility that maximizes audio coverage. A single SD5 speaker provides 50' by 50' of audio coverage in a smooth, even 360-degree coverage pattern and reproduces speech better than any ceiling speaker on the market today. Just one SD5 speaker takes the place of multiple traditional single ceiling speakers, saving money, simplifying and reducing installation time and cost, and optimizing performance. Its cutting edge technology and clear sound make it ideal for many audio sources including professional AV equipment and conferencing hardware, microphones, media players, and personal audio devices in classrooms, conference rooms, auditoriums, and meeting rooms of any kind. The SD5 is extremely easy to install - simply remove one ceiling tile, drop the SD5 into any standard drop-ceiling grid, attach your speaker wire and safety cables, and you’re done.

Sound & Video Contractor Innovative Products Award Winner 2020

Star Star Star Star Star

The SD5 ceiling speakers sound great. The sound really fills the whole room whether it is music or speech.

The Next Generation of

Seamless Audio Coverage

Crystal Clear Sound

Proprietary tweeter design works in perfect harmony with an array of 3 frequency-matched drivers to produce amazing vocal intelligibility and uniform room coverage made possible by a lower crossover point.

Impeccable Speech Reproduction

Stands alone in the market with best-in-class speech STI clarity and vocal intelligibility, according to stringent industry standard lab testing; IEC 60268-5, AES AES2-2012 and EASERA analysis.

Quick & Easy to Install

Simply remove one ceiling tile, drop the SD5 into any standard drop-ceiling grid, and attach your speaker wire and safety cables. The ease of installation saves install cost and time.

Unparalleled Audio Coverage

The SD5 ceiling speaker array provides 50’ x 50' plus of crystal clear, balanced 360° by 180° hemispherical audio coverage. This allows a single SD5 to replace multiple conventional ceiling speakers.


Perfect for professional AV equipment and conferencing hardware, microphones, media players, and personal audio devices.



Selectable 8 Ohm bypass and 70 Volt inputs are compatible with most commercial, professional and consumer audio amplifiers.

Unrivaled speech reproduction

Providing unrivaled speech reproduction and voice intelligibility, with an outstanding speech transmission index of (.80), the SD5 offers a wide dispersion of high-frequency sounds, allowing listeners to clearly catch speech from a much wider proximity.

The frequency response needed to clearly hear a human voice is between 200 Hz and 7 kHz. Consonant sounds typically fall into a higher frequency band between 2 kHz and 7 kHz. In order for listeners to clearly hear what is being communicated through a speaker, the speaker must be able to spread a wide range of high frequency sounds across a room.

Unlike conventional speakers that tend to have a very narrow high-frequency dispersion pattern, the SD5, through its proprietary design, has the ability to evenly disperse these critical frequency sounds, providing unprecedented crystal clear sound and speech reproduction to the listening audience.

Cutting edge design creates the best coverage

Backed by more than 30 years of drop tile speaker research and development, the new SD5 is built with a proprietary high-frequency driver and frequency-matched low-frequency drivers  that extend the crossover point well below traditional ceiling speakers creating better audio coverage and response.

The proprietary tweeter technology works in perfect harmony with an array of custom-engineered drivers to reduce frequency cancellation and provide crystal clear sound. Strategically engineered waveguides shape the sound as it travels away from the speaker array eliminating any potential problem areas in the room. Additionally, the SD5’s reinforced wave-guide housing and directional vortex porting maximize audio dispersion and reduce turbulence within the speaker system. This cutting edge design offers 360 degrees of smooth, crisp clear audio coverage.

Top performance from minimal speakers

The SD5's spherical coverage pattern has a significant advantage over conventional ceiling speakers that produce a limited or conical (flashlight-light) shaped coverage pattern. Conical patterns can result in coverage voids or empty spots in between speakers. Less is more when reproducing vocals or amplifying music, it is always better with fewer speakers. When you have too many speakers creating the same sound, it can make it difficult for the listener to hear. This happens because they may experience the same sound from different speakers at different times causing audio confusion or listening fatigue.

The SD5 replaces multiple single speakers and provides an industry-leading 50' x 50' plus of audio coverage from a single array with zero frequency cancellation. This creates a more comfortable listening environment while also simplifying installation and dramatically lowering labor costs.

New and Improved

Building on more than 30 years of drop tile speaker research and development, the new SD5 omnidirectional drop tile ceiling speaker array is significantly improved in every area from the previous generation. Its sleek, thin, and lighter weight architecture paired with its seamlessly omnidirectional sound coverage, crisp vocal articulation, and low distortion makes the SD5 ceiling speaker array an outstanding high-end audio solution with beautiful aesthetics for any commercial space.

The SD5 is perfect for conference rooms, classrooms, training rooms, meeting rooms, lecture halls, auditoriums, control rooms, churches, offices and sound systems where hearing and clarity is critical.

Quick and easy to install

Designed to install much quicker than a traditional ceiling speaker, the SD5 is built to save your most important currency, time. Simply remove one ceiling tile, drop the SD5 into any standard drop-ceiling grid, and attach your speaker wire. Secure the speaker from the four back suspension points using the provided carabiners and braided steel safety cable. Your sound system will be set up and operational quicker than ever before.


Power Handling: 63W RMS

Frequency Response: 46Hz - 20kHz

STI (Speech Transmission Index): 0.80

Sensitivity: 90dB @ 2.83V/1M

Impedance: 8 Ohms

70 Volt Transformer Taps: 7.5W, 15W, 30W, 60W @ 70V; 8 Ohm Bypass

Dispersion: 360° by 180°

Drivers: (3) 5.25" drivers; (1) 3" tweeter

Backbox Depth: 2.0" (50.8 mm)

Dimensions: 23.75" (603.25 mm) x 23.75" (603.25 mm) x 5" (128.5 mm)

Shipping Dimensions: 27.8" (706 mm) x 27.8" (706 mm) x 8.82" (224 mm)

Weight: 21.20 lbs (9.62 kg)

Shipping Weight: 29 lbs (13.2 kg)


What comes in the box?

  • (1) SD5 SuperDispersion® Drop Tile Ceiling Speaker Array
  • (1) Safety Cable Kit
    • (4) Steel Safety Cables
    • (4) Carabiners
    • (4) Fastlinks

How much square footage does it cover?

  • The SD5 will cover a 50' x 50' plus room at approximately 2500 sq.ft.

Is it self powered, or do I need a separate power amplifier?

Does it have a 70 Volt transformer?

  • Yes, the SD5 has a 70 Volt transformer with 7.5, 15, 30, and 60 Watt tap settings, as well as an 8 Ohm bypass.

How long does it take to install?

  • The SD5 will generally take approximately 10 to 20 minutes to install and hook up.



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Sounds Great!

We hooked up the speakers and amplifiers and they sound great. The sound really fills the whole room whether it is music or speaking through a microphone.