Wireless Bluetooth Audio Receivers

Extended-Range No-Hassle
High-Performance Audio Streaming


Superior high-resolution extended-range audio streaming with consistent, clear, rich, full-range sound.


Bring the convenience of wireless audio streaming to your commercial sound system from any Bluetooth-enabled device.


Easy, no-hassle setup, pair in seconds, and play instantly without configuration, custom software, apps, or passwords.


  • Pure Resonance Audio BTR1 Bluetooth Wireless Audio Receiver with 100ft Range

    - Latest Bluetooth Version 5.0
    - 100ft Range
    - Easy setup and quick pairing

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Wireless Bluetooth Stereo Audio Receivers

Pure Resonance Audio Bluetooth audio receivers bring the convenience of superior high-resolution audio streaming capabilities to any commercial sound system. Our wireless audio receivers provide extended-range streaming from any Bluetooth-enabled smartphone, tablet, or computer for consistent performance up to 100 feet. Set up and pair your smart device in seconds without any configuration, custom software, apps, or passwords and instantly play high-fidelity audio wirelessly through your sound system. Our Bluetooth stereo receivers deliver crystal clear, rich sound with a full dynamic range for the highest-quality listening experience in your business.