Mixer Amplifiers

Commercial Mixer Amplifiers
with Bluetooth 70V 100V 4 or 8 Ohm Outputs


Supports playback from Bluetooth-enabled devices enabling anyone to walk-in and instantly play music or any sound source file


Perfect for use in restaurants, retail stores, offices, schools, hospitality, etc. and is equipped with paging and MOH (Music On Hold)

Multiple Inputs

6 reliable balanced and unbalanced inputs and on-board plug-in play MP3 player that accepts SD cards and USB thumb drives

Easy to setup and works flawlessly. Exactly as advertised.

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  • – 30 watts
    – Built-in Bluetooth
    – 70V/100V

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  • – 60 watts
    – Built-in Bluetooth
    – 70V/100V

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  • - 120 watts
    - Built-in Bluetooth
    - 70V/100V

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  • – 120 watts 70V/100V
    – Built-in Bluetooth
    – Wall-Mounted

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