Training Room Sound System Featuring 2 Ceiling Tile Speakers & Rack Mount Bluetooth Mixer Amplifier

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360° SuperDispersion® Ceiling Speaker Array and 120W Rack Mount Mixer Amplifier

Training rooms, meeting rooms, and learning environments require listening and dissemination of detailed information. That's why this training room sound system is clearly superior because it provides highly intelligible audio with even coverage throughout the entire space, so everyone can hear everything. Easily tailor this system to meet your specific needs by connecting almost any pro or commercial AV gear such as video equipment, microphones, or personal devices for wireless streaming. Covering rooms up to 5,000 sq ft., this turnkey system solution is perfect for a variety of commercial applications such as meeting spaces, training centers, event venues, hotel conference and meeting rooms, community spaces, and more.


A Powerful Training Room Sound System
with Remarkable Audio Clarity


Stands alone in the market with best-in-class speech STI clarity and vocal intelligibility according to stringent industry standard lab testing; IEC 60268-5, AES AES2-2012 and EASERA analysis.

Wide Coverage

Covers 360° of space from a centralized position with each speaker covering a 50' x 50' area.


Designed to save installation cost and time, this speaker system can be installed and ready for use in minutes.


Stream Bluetooth from computers or personal devices to the system from anywhere within the room - up to 50' range.



Industry-standard AV connections allow you to connect most devices on the market, including conferencing equipment.

Built to Last

The robust speakers and reliable mixer amplifier are designed to work long hours in commercial environments.

Training Room Sound System

Achieving proper audio in a room is an important part of any presentation. This training room sound system includes two wide coverage, high fidelity, low profile speakers to cover up to 5,000 square feet with rich, crisp, and clear speech reproduction. Easily connect a Bluetooth-enabled device, AV media equipment, wired or wireless microphone to create an adequate learning environment with optimal sound clarity that listeners will truly appreciate.

Bluetooth Ready

Use a smartphone, tablet, laptop or Bluetooth enabled PC to easily stream audio wirelessly to the system from anywhere in the room. Simply press the Mode button on the RMA120BT or remote control until the display indicates "BT", then go to settings in your device and select "BP10_BT" to pair. Once connected you're ready to play and control audio from your Bluetooth device.

SD5 SuperDispersion Ceiling Speaker Array

The Pure Resonance Audio SD5 SuperDispersion® omnidirectional drop tile ceiling speaker array is the premium solution for speech reproduction and intelligibility that maximizes audio coverage. The SD5 drop ceiling speaker provides an industry-leading 50' by 50' of audio coverage in a smooth, even 360-degree coverage pattern and reproduces speech better than any ceiling speaker on the market today. Just one SD5 speaker takes the place of multiple traditional single ceiling speakers, saving money, simplifying and reducing installation time and cost, and optimizing performance.

RMA120BT 120W Rackmount Bluetooth Mixer Amplifier

The simple to operate Pure Resonance Audio RMA120BT 5-channel commercial rack mount mixer amplifier features 120 watts of high-performance power encased in a slim and lightweight space-saving design. This mixer amplifier provides quick and easy Bluetooth connection as well as the ability to accommodate most input sources like microphones, AV equipment, or computer audio. Adjust the audio levels/settings as well as control the volume of the SD5 speakers with the included remote control.

Due to the possibilities of FM radio interference and the variables involved, it's not recommended to use FM radio as your primary input source.


Designed to install much quicker than a traditional ceiling speaker, the SD5 is built to save your most important currency, time. Simply remove one 2'x2' (or a cut 2'x4') ceiling tile, drop the SD5 into any standard drop-ceiling grid, and attach the speaker wire and safety cables. Detailed directions can be found in the provided manuals. Pay careful attention when pulling the speaker wire and hooking up the safety cables. No special audio skills are required. After the speakers and mixer amplifier are properly installed, connect your required input sources or pair a Bluetooth-enabled device, and adjust the volume to the desired level. Enjoy!


In the event of an emergency, the RMA120BTs' emergency input (EMC In) can be configured to stop all other audio automatically. The emergency input takes priority over all other audio allowing an integrated emergency voice alarm system to be heard loud and clear. This input will work with an existing paging system, emergency paging mic, and, most importantly, a relay closure from a fire alarm system.


Power Handling: 63 Watts RMS

Frequency Response: 46Hz - 20kHz

Sensitivity: 90 dB @ 2.83V/1M

Impedance: 8 ohms with Built-in 70V transformer

Drivers: (3) 5.25" drivers; (1) 3" tweeter

70V Transformer Taps: 7.5W, 15W, 30W, 60W @ 70V; 8 ohm Bypass

Dispersion: 360° by 180°

Dimensions: 23.75" (603 mm) x 23.75" (603 mm) x 5" (128.5 mm)

Net Weight: 21.45 lbs (9.73 kg)                                                                                                                                                              


Rated Power Output: 120W

Speaker Outputs: 4 - 16Ω/70V

Frequency Response: 80Hz~16kHz +/- 3dB

S/N Ratio: MIC1, 2, 3: 66dB; AUX1, 2: 85dB

THD: 0.05%

Cooling Mode: Forced fan with variable speed cooling with side entry airflow

Protection: Overheat/Short-circuit

Remote Control: IR remote control with (replaceable) CR2025 3V lithium battery

Dimensions: 1.73" (44 mm) x 19.05" (484 mm) x 11.61" (295 mm)

Weight: 9.92 lbs (4.5 kg)


(2) Pure Resonance Audio SD5 SuperDispersion® Drop Tile Ceiling Speaker Arrays
(2) Safety Cable Kits
         (8) Steel Safety Cables
         (8) Carabiners
         (8) Fastlinks
(1) Pure Resonance Audio RMA120BT 120W Commercial Bluetooth Mixer Amplifier
         (1) IR Remote Control
         (1) Power Cord
(100') 16/2 Gauge Speaker Wire


SD5 Ceiling Speaker:


Cut Sheet

Technical Document

RMA120BT Mixer Amplifier:


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