Pure Resonance Audio TRS-3-PREP 1/4" TRS to Prep Patch Cable - 3ft

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$ 17.99


3-Foot Balanced Male 1/4" TRS
to Prepped Wire

The Pure Resonance Audio TRS-3-PREP TRS patch cable is a versatile, high-quality solution for seamless connections. At 3 feet long with Prep to 1/4" TRS connectors, this balanced TRS cable is suitable for a wide range of professional and commercial audio applications.

1/4" TRS to Bare Prepped Wire Cable

The Pure Resonance Audio TRS-3-PREP balanced TRS patch cable, with 3-foot in length, is a versatile solution that facilitates seamless connections. This high-quality cable, with prep wire to a 1/4" TRS connector, is suitable for a broad spectrum of applications across all professional and commercial audio levels. Known for their exceptional reliability and signal clarity, Pure Resonance Audio 1/4" TRS patch cables are engineered to deliver outstanding value and enduring performance. Our TRS audio cables, designed for maximum durability, ensure a clean sound while maintaining a polished and discreet appearance. Available in various lengths, our 1/4" balanced TRS cables are exceptionally flexible, combining durability and adaptability to meet the demands of diverse audio setups.


Connectors: 1/4" TRS to Prepped Bare Wire

Length: 3 Feet


What comes in the box?
(1) 1/4" TRS to Prepped Wire Cable - 3ft