Pure Resonance Audio XLRM-3-PREP Male XLR to Prep Patch Cable - 3ft

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$ 17.99


3-Foot Balanced Male XLR to Prepped Wire

The Pure Resonance Audio XLRM-3-PREP XLR patch cable is a versatile, high-quality solution for seamless connections. At 3 feet long with prep wire to XLR male connector, this audio patch cable is suitable for a wide range of professional and commercial audio applications.

Male XLR to Bare Prepped Wire Cable

The Pure Resonance Audio XLRM-3-PREP patch cable, with 3-foot length, is a versatile solution designed to facilitate seamless connections. This high-quality XLR patch cable features prep wire to an XLR male connector, making it suitable for a broad spectrum of applications across all professional and commercial audio levels. Known for their exceptional reliability and signal clarity, Pure Resonance Audio XLR patch cables are engineered to provide outstanding value and enduring performance. Our patch cables, meticulously crafted for maximum durability, not only ensure a clean sound but also maintain a polished and discreet appearance. With various lengths available, these cables find applications in scenarios such as microphone connections, linking mixers or amplifiers, and other custom installations. The exceptional flexibility of our cables strikes a balance between durability and adaptability, effectively meeting the demands of diverse audio setups.


Connectors: XLR Male to Prepped Bare Wire

Length: 3 Feet


What comes in the box?
(1) Male XLR to Prepped Wire Cable - 3ft