Surface Mount Speakers

Surface Mounting Speakers for
Business Music Sound Systems


Great small speaker solutions for bars, cafes, restaurants, retail stores or any application where space is limited


Seamlessly blend with any stylish interior design while providing premium audio performance


Pan, tilt, and rotation to adjust the driver and aim your speakers for the best sound coverage in your space

I couldn't be more pleased! The sound is rich and full...simply beautiful! I would definitely recommend these!!!

Star Star Star Star Star


  • - Compact size
    - Impressive audio performance
    - 70V multi-application

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  • – Stylish design
    – Multi-purpose
    – Swiveling speakers

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  • - Sleek compact design
    - Unrivaled intelligibility
    - 70V/8 Ohm multi-application

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  • - All-weather construction for outdoor use
    - 6.5" waterproof driver and 1.34" tweeter
    - 8 ohm, 70 volt and 100 volt
    - Horizontal or vertical mounting U-bracket

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